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Our top 5 tech blogs

Right now, you may have a little bit of spare time on your hands. So why not indulge your passion and throw yourself into the world of tech? Whether you’re interested in Cyber Security jobs, a Salesforce career, or you want to get creative about all things coding – there’s a load of valuable content for youAnd with a whole world wide web full of tech insights, we thought we’d pick out five of our favourite tech blogs. 

The Next Web 

The Next Web is one of our go-to sites for all things tech. Born from a need to promote their new event, in 2006 founders Boris and Patrick noticed a gap for promoting events like theirs, and the site soon took the form of a blog. Since then TNW has been sharing all sorts of insights that range from news on the latest innovations, to opinion pieces on future advancements, and useful advice on making the most of tech for both commercial and personal adoption. 

Salesforce Ben  

Salesforce MVP Ben McCarthy set up his blog in 2014 and since then he’s established a massive following in the Salesforce community. As the most popular Salesforce blog on the planet, Salesforce Ben offers a whole world of relevant and engaging content for all Salesforce professionals – no matter who you are! We even got to hang out with him when he attended our exclusive Salesforce Saturday event at Dreamforce last year. 


David is a self-taught SFDC Developer. He’s hugely recognizable across the ecosystem due to his blog ‘SFDC99’ – the goal of his website is to empower people with easy methods to learn how to code in Apex. Six-time Salesforce MVP, Salesforce Developer Golden Hoodie Winner, and 16 times certified! He’s dedicated his career to the platform and his love for it grows by the day. 

Okay, so we’ve shared two Salesforce blogs, but this ecosystem is packed with golden content! So much so, we wanted to share a rundown of some of our favourite Salesforce blogs – you can check it out here. 

Treehouse Blog 

This blog is an absolute hidden gem for software developers – full of tips and tricks across a range of languages, it offers insights for people at all stages of their coding career. You can find super simple break downs if you’re wanting some basic questions answered, but also find some really useful tips even if you’re a pro. We’d definitely recommend checking this out. 

We Live Security 

This is one of the biggest outlets for cyber security news across the web. It’s an award winning site made up of news and insights from the ESET security community. We think that it’s THE place to go to get all of your latest cyber security insights – and you’ll get a lot of variety here. You can use it as a place to get all the latest news and updates, but also enjoy editorial pieces where experts across the cyber security space share their views. It’s also packed with podcasts and tutorials – offering something for everyone. 

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