Computer Futures


How IT professionals are the enablers of our time

08 Nov 2022

With STEM Day on 8 November, it’s time to appreciate the value those working in technology bring to us all...

Contractors – the big burnout and how to combat it

10 Oct 2022

Stressed out. Burnt out. Most people's mental health has taken a pounding since the world was turned upside down, and a lot of contractors are now running on empty. We examine the effects of burnout and share some advice on how to tackle it.

The lifestyle approach to talent retention

06 Oct 2022

When the tipping point finally came for a mass exit from the UK workforce and beyond, not all companies suffered equally. We explore why some organisations have fared better than others during this unprecedented talent crisis.

Front end software developer – the hottest job in tech?

09 Aug 2022

With web developer roles currently extremely sought after, we delve into what’s influencing demand, how companies can stand out to candidates and the cutting-edge tools developers are working with.

Role models – a spotlight on women in tech

21 Jul 2022

For women to see themselves reflected in a workplace they aspire to join or progress in is a powerful tool for improving gender diversity and inclusion, as well as advancing careers. Here we shine a spotlight on a few female role models.

Five recruitment tips for fast-growing tech organisations

08 Jun 2022

Rapid growth can be undone by poor workforce planning and recruitment. We ask how start-up leaders can navigate this risk....

Stick or twist: when to modernise the legacy system

21 Apr 2022

The decision to modernise legacy systems doesn’t come lightly to companies. We explore where the line is and when you can be sure the benefits outweigh the risks.

What can hiring managers do to secure tech talent?

03 Mar 2022

A highly competitive market is making it difficult to recruit technology professionals, but there are strategies hiring managers can adopt to tip the balance in their favour...

Why should net zero matter to tech companies?

10 Feb 2022

Increased scrutiny of companies’ climate impact is as much an opportunity as a threat for the sector and help is out there to navigate reporting challenges...