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We've worked in the IT recruitment market for over 20 years and it’s important to us to take the time to understand everybody's needs.

We understand that becoming a contractor, or even finding a new contract can be challenging. Our consultants are equipped and experienced in placing both seasoned professional contractors as well as those new to contract work. We've worked in the IT recruitment market for over 20 years and it’s important to us to take the time to understand everybody's needs - not just the candidates, but clients too to make sure a good match is made. 

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Contractor Information

If you have worked a contract through us before, there is a chance if you start your search again with us, we may be able to find work with the same or similar company.

For a contract recruitment process to run smoothly, it’s necessary to have the infrastructure and resources to review and sort out a large number of candidates quickly. This is something that corporate HR departments sometimes struggle with, and so it’s easier to use an agency, like us, who can take care of aspects of the contract like payroll.

Contractor FAQ

What is contracting?

Contract employment is very common nowadays, however, some professionals are still unsure or unaware of the countless benefits to this type of recruitment. Contract recruitment is a great option for temporary and flexible staffing needs, which given today’s circumstances may be the perfect solution.

Contracts are typically signed with independent workers and last a defined period of time. After the end of the set period, the employer has no further obligations and vice versa. It can be very useful for employers when handling periods of intense work volume or have key projects that are only expected to last for a specific time period.

As a result of the changing levels of demand within the IT market, there is now a large volume of IT professionals who have moved into contract work. Contractors within IT have a wealth of experience and knowledge behind them, working with various technologies and companies, which is hugely beneficial for organisations where permanent positions are difficult to fill quickly.

How do I become a contractor?

Get in touch with us!

With our experience in contact recruitment, our local Dublin office, and being part of a global PLC, it means we are there for you.

Let us know what area or role you are looking to work in and one of our local consultants will get in touch with you.

Contract vs Permanent work

Contract staffing is generally viewed as a more flexible approach, which suits certain professionals, and helps organisations; solve workforce shortages, manage project work, or replace key positions for short time periods. It’s less risky for the employer, but allows you the contractor to earn more, be more flexible, and have a greater variety of work. 

With permanent roles, employees are entitled to unique benefits, such as a salary, holidays, pension support and termination pay, which are not available for contract workers. As a contractor you have the flexibility of choice. Permanent employment is the preferred option where there is a need to build a strong team identity within an organisation or handle sensitive information.

How does it work?

Contract recruitment involves a few different steps before a contract is offered. The company must first recognise its own needs and decide the positions or projects for which it wants to hire contract workers.

The next step would be to get in touch with us as we can help you in the search and application process. Once placed we make sure to keep in touch with you on a regular basis to make sure everything is going according to plan.


Our Umbrella Company Approved Supplier List

Multi – Award Winning Tax Experts in All Thing Contracting

Fenero are contractor tax and payment management specialists and have helped thousands of contractors since 2009. They are straight-talking tax and financial experts, with multiple industry awards for their customer experience and expert solutions.

Fenero will help you determine the most appropriate contracting solution for you, based on your personal circumstances. Your dedicated account manager will guide and advise you at every step along your contracting journey. Fenero’s role is to make it simple and easy to manage and maximise the financial side of contracting.

For advice or more information, contact them at:

Email: [email protected] or call 01-6877400


Contracting PLUS

Contracting PLUS make contracting simple. They’re Irelands largest provider of Umbrella Companies and Personal Companies solutions. They are expert accountants for Professional Contractors and will look after everything for you from invoicing and payroll to tax returns at year end. They explain everything clearly and give you personalised tax advice to maximise your contract role. When you call Contracting PLUS, their experienced team of consultants will prepare a take-home pay estimate for you. Call them on (01) 6110707 or click here to schedule either a phone call or a video call at a time that works best for you.

Phone: 01-6110707

Email: [email protected]

Website Link:


Icon Accounting

Icon Accounting is the leading and fastest growing accountancy provider for Contractors in Ireland.

Icon Accounting prioritises client experience and takes pride in investing in their client’s future.

With access to a dedicated account manager, a bespoke online portal for timesheets and expenses and Wealth Management included, you are in safe hands with Icon Accounting’s knowledge and team of in-house experts.

Phone – 01 807 7106

Email – [email protected]

Web –


.Net Full Stack Developer
Salary: Up to €300 per day +
Location: Ireland
Job Type: Contract
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