Salesforce events like Dreamforce 2020 and other similar global technology events are on pause until further notice. Every year, 170,000+ people attend the Salesforce conference held in San Francisco, CA. It's an exciting time of year and this year's Dreamforce was originally scheduled the first week of November, but the physical event has been cancelled.

No one was surprised in April 2020 when Salesforce made the announcement that all physical Salesforce Events in 2020, including Dreamforce 2020, would be cancelled and "reimagined virtually." At this moment in time, the global quarantine was in full effect and global leaders were quickly adjusting to the new parameters of the Corona virus pandemic.

The first thought beyond everyone's safety, is 'how will Salesforce recreate the magic of Dreamforce into a virtual format?' There is a high expectation when someone attends Dreamforce to meet their destiny, sometimes in the form of networking and sometimes in the form of gaining new skills and insights. Both of these are possible, but the world of VR, AR and other technology beyond mobile is still gaining traction. Salesforce has always been on the leading edge of technology, innovation and community, but will they be able to break digital barriers for this epic event again?

What is Salesforce Saying?

The last official update from Salesforce that is still live on their FAQ site was made back in April 2020. They left it vague as to exactly how events would be 'reimagined' by stating:

"We have made the decision to reimagine all physical events through the end of the year, including Dreamforce, Tableau Conference, Tableau Conference Europe, TrailheaDX India, and World Tours. We will be reimagining them in new and virtual ways to bring all of the fun, innovation, and learning to our dedicated community of Trailblazers." - Official Salesforce Dreamforce FAQ page

However, the most recent interview with Marc Benioff with 'The Information' in August hinted that the entire Dreamforce 2020 event, including a digital version, may be cancelled. Benioff told The Information, “Dreamforce is obviously a critical brand for Salesforce, but there’s no Dreamforce this year,” and went on to say he’s no longer sure the live event will be replaced by a digital format.

If Dreamforce 2020 possibly being cancelled completely is a surprise, Benioff also hinted at the fact that he may not be leading Salesforce in the near future stating that:

“I advise others and I advise myself the same thing, which is I have an open mind to all possibilities, and whatever is the right thing going forward, I will do,” according to the report.

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