Businesses must drive and embrace change to solve the war for Salesforce talent across the world.

That’s the view of Avnish Kotecha, Global Salesforce Practice Director at Computer Futures, as he prepares to address industry experts at the Salesforce YeurDreamin’ event in Amsterdam today.

He’ll be speaking alongside Computer Futures’ Global Vice-President of Salesforce Practice, Stephanie Herrera, and the company’s Salesforce Division Manager in Benelux, Sarune Kojadin.

All three will discuss how people and businesses across the Benelux region can create sustainable and fast-growing communities of experts to win the war for talent.

Across the globe, 3.3m new jobs are expected to be created by the Salesforce ecosystem by 2022, with over 15,000 expected in Benelux.

Speaking ahead of the event, Avnish revealed the measures businesses must take to overcome the increasing STEM talent shortage.

He said: “At Computer Futures, we’re on the front-line when it comes to talent, driving change and helping businesses solve problems.

“The reason we’re talking about the ‘war for talent’ in Benelux is that Salesforce continues to report record growth in the region at a much faster rate than the talent pool.

“The main challenge we’re seeing is around the supply of talented people. Everyone we speak to in the Salesforce eco-system, and much of the content in the media, is around the huge shortage of talent and how businesses are worried about how they can attract more people.

“To change that, we’ve got to get businesses looking beyond the experience they see on a CV and developing non-traditional routes to securing the talent they need. Companies have got to look at how they can cross-train people with redundant skills while developing people at a grassroots level. We need corporations to buy in to new ways of developing talent.

“Another major way companies can move forward and plug skills gaps is by hiring people who have taken non-traditional learning paths. That’s where the Salesforce Trailhead comes in.”

Salesforce now has 1.4m people currently using the Trailhead learning platform across the world.

In a survey carried out by Salesforce, 25% of people said that the platform helped them change jobs over the last year.

Avnish added: “Together, everyone at Computer Futures and those within the Salesforce Ohana can create change together by working as a community to help solve the war for talent.”