The first day at a new job can almost feel like you’re starting school all over again; it brings about a strange mixture of excitement and nerves. We’ve pulled together five questions to ask on day one, to help you get up to speed in your new role.


1) How do you prefer to communicate, in e-mail or in person?

It could be that your team communicate best through e-mail, or it may differ from person to person. Some may prefer for you to ask questions face to face, where others prefer to have questions in writing. Identifying the best channels of communication is essential; it means you’re instantly adhering to your team’s processes, and it also allows you to communicate effectively from the get-go.


2) What are the current key projects I should be aware of?

There’s a good chance your manager will avoid setting deadlines on day one of the job, however, it’s helpful to be aware of the current ongoing projects within your new team. It’s unlikely that your manager/colleagues will go into detail right now, but it is useful to get an idea of the team workload from the outset.


3) Who are the key people in the business I should reach out to?

The key stakeholders you will be working with will differ from job to job. Your role may involve connecting with colleagues worldwide or you might just be a small team of three or four staff in one office. Whatever your individual situation, ask your manager who you’ll be communicating with on a regular basis and if not already part of your induction plan – reach out and connect with these people as soon as possible. This demonstrates good initiative and will make a great first impression amongst your colleagues.


4) What would you like me to achieve by the end of week one?

It’s difficult to predict what’s expected of you in a first week of a new role; sometimes you’ll be given a bit of breathing space to get to grips with everything, other times you’ll be thrown in at the deep end and tasked with deliverables. This will depend on the role and the current business expectations of your team. Whatever your situation, it’s always helpful to outline a few short-term objectives. This means you can start managing your own workload and remain organised.


5) How will my performance be measured?

It’s great to find this out as early as possible how your performance will be measured. This will help you prepare and feel in control from day one in your new role. Do you have specific objectives? Is there a specific performance programme? Every company is different so its important to know what you're working towards and the evaluation of your performance.


At Computer Futures, our consultants are on hand to help you every step of the way. Even after placement, we’re here to offer advice and make sure everything is running smoothly! To find out more about our consultative service, or a apply for a role, visit our website.