Unfortunately, cyber security threats and privacy breaches are not uncommon these days. So it's hardly surprising that information about the Internet and cyber security is a hot topic even outside the technology industry. In the following article, we discuss five of the latest cyber security trends.

There is a growing need for gender diversity in the cyberspace

Given the relevance of "gender diversity in all sectors", more needs to be done within the cyber community to reach and encourage a larger number of female professionals. Within the global cyber market woman only make up 11% of the workforce, and in the UK specifically that number is even lower at 8%. There is a huge imbalance between male and female professionals in all major areas of cyberspace, and greater diversity brings more innovative thought. More needs to be done to fill this gap and promote equality, especially from a business perspective. Diversity is important not only to increase the number of employees, but also to have a wide range of perspectives, especially in terms of leadership and development opportunities.

This imbalance between men and women is probably the result of a biased view that cyber technology has always been a male-dominated industry. It is precisely this perception that ultimately needs to be changed through targeted initiatives such as "Women in STEM professions". These initiatives can help enormously to improve the lack of gender diversity in the cyber sector in the coming months.

The biggest cyber threats are privacy breaches and security risks in the cloud

Data protection violations are one of the main threats from the experts' point of view. Personal data is still very valuable to cyber hackers. Following the implementation of GDPR, ensuring the protection of personal data is becoming a priority for both companies and private individuals. As a result, companies are now taking data protection violations much more seriously. Especially in the area of web applications, we have observed a stricter approach due to the large number of violations in the past.

Awareness of the importance of cyber security is growing in the technology industry

The digital industry is growing steadily, which also increases the overall public awareness of cyber security. In the past, cyber security may have been the concern of the large companies in the industry, but today small and medium sized companies are also having to deal with it.

In addition, raising employee awareness of cyber security and adopting a cyber security strategy is now an essential part of business. Training in this area is particularly helpful. Cyber security has also become an integral part of the DevSecOps process. The positive development of cyber-hygiene is one of the main reasons why the cyber security industry has continued to grow and become a major player in the technology market.

More education is needed from organisations on how to hire Cyber Security staff

As with most tech jobs, the cyber market is developing at a much faster rate than some companies can keep up with. What we are seeing as recruitment specialists in this market is that organisations are not entirely confident in how to hire good quality cyber specialists, which is shown through unrealistic job specifications and the inability to look at individuals with experience in other tech fields.

There are many IT professions where there is a crossover in skills, and if companies are struggling to find the right people, then they could look at professionals with these skills to fill the gaps.

Automation becomes the solution for more efficiency

It is often expected by cyber professionals to do more in less time. The key to this is automation. By integrating security into processes - such as DevSecOps - security risks can be reduced while accelerating the corresponding deployment.

As applications and websites continue to grow, so do security risks. It can be difficult for cyber professionals to implement all the protocols required to ensure complete cyber security. However, some improvements in technology and software are making it easier to automate standard processes, helping professionals to focus on larger projects.

The DevSecOps sector will continue to grow

The DevSecOps area experienced massive growth last year, and is set to continue this year.

DevOps has developed into DevSecOps, which is now the new centre of the industry. The division has already expanded the entire DevOps practice and has played a major role in companies undergoing DevOps development. The resulting support for more stringent security practices and the strengthening of the collaborative culture is very positive. These factors have, among others, contributed to the increasing popularity of the DevSecOps area, from a business perspective and in terms of career choices for technology professionals.

Industry representatives expect the focus in this area to shift even further towards DevSecOps this year as more and more compliance and security controls are introduced. There are a number of new companies that have not yet invested in this area and will look to in the future.

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