Every year, a team of consultants from the Dublin office attend the Dublin Tech Summit. This year, the main themes of the event were Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data, Augmented Reality (AR), and the Internet of Things (IoT). In this article, we look at some of the key points from some of the talks.

Real life examples of tech use

Throughout the talks, speakers were able to share real life examples of how certain technology is used in everyday life. Elaine Clements, Senior Sales Team Manager, said, “It was extremely enlightening to hear companies talk of their journeys and give real life examples such as AR being used to publish educational books to create richer content and increase use experience.”

These examples helped our consultants further understand the impact the candidates they place are having on the industry and end-users. It helps make us even more passionate about what we do and the people we work with.

Further developing our industry knowledge

By attending various talks, our consultants were able to develop their knowledge on smart cities, electric and self-driving cars, and the IoT.

They also learned how IoT, AI, and Blockchain can prevent fraud within the diamond industry by analysing and knowing the diamond/product to identify synthetic stones. Supply chain, logistics, and automobile industries will be overhauled, with the introduction of self-driving trucks for movement of goods and updates for the consumer constantly.

The benefit of DevOps

One of the talks that our consultants attended focussed on DevOps and the benefits they can have on a business and their customers, the challenges associated with DevOps, and tips on how to succeed. This deepened our understanding of the topic, which will allow us assist our customers with their needs more efficiently.

One of the challenges that was discussed on a number of occasions throughout the two days was the restrictions on data use and how this will impact how organisations can use data to add value. This is particularly interesting considering new data regulations will be implemented in May 2018.

Working on the future of technology

The knowledge gained from this summit will enable us to inform our clients of the latest trends and predictions of where the future of technology is heading.

John Petherbridge, Senior Recruitment Consultant, said, “The Tech Summit was a great experience and an opportunity to learn more about the latest trends and movements including AI, Blockchain, Cloud, Culture in the Workplace, and Cyber Security. One term I’ll take away and discuss with my clients is “Digital Hygiene”. It refers to how you use the internet and best practices to roll out business-wide to create a security aware culture. I look forward to next year’s summit!”

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