Computer Futures Japan celebrates Shinnenkai differently this year

Computer Futures Japan would like to thank all our guests for gracing our Shinnenkai event last week. It was a pleasure to celebrate the New Year with all of you and we hope that you had a good time as well.

Shinnenkai is the Japanese tradition of welcoming the arrival of the New Year and is a way of getting together to celebrate a new year while wishing each other good luck and good fortune. Hence, it was even more special for the team at Computer Futures to spend this festival together with our candidates that have shown us tremendous support in 2016. It was a diverse networking event made up of industry professionals from different sectors within the technology space. As it was a collaboration with the Huxley team that specialises in the banking and finance sector, this meant that attendees were also able to tap onto the network of professionals from the finance industry.

Grant Habgood, Director of Computer Futures shared, “It was a really enjoyable evening and a great opportunity for attendees to share their industry knowledge as well as their personal experience with Computer Futures. We heard so much positive feedback that night which I have to thank my team for.”

Such close-door events create an opportunity for our team to get to know our candidates even better. Although not all were able to make it, we would still like to make use of this opportunity to thank all our candidates for their support in 2016 and we hope that we can continue to keep in touch.

Grant added, “We definitely look forward to more of such events! And hopefully all of our candidates would be able to make it the next time round.”

If you are interested in attending these events in the future or would like to know more about a partnership with us, please feel free to email [email protected]