Our Tokyo team invites our clients to fight for charity

This May 25 2018, 16 executives from a variety of international backgrounds will be ‘Fighting for Fighters’ in the ring to raise money for children battling cancer and other serious illness. Computer Futures Tokyo is proud of Shiori Miyadera, one of our consultants in the team who will be channelling her fighting spirit for this very special event.

For 12 weeks prior to the actual match, prominent individuals from various countries and industries have been balancing their stressful day jobs with a gruelling boxing training routine with a shot at beating their opponent.

While there is little awareness on cancer incidences amongst children in Japan, their rates are amongst the highest in the world. Cancer understanding was also reported to be the lowest among Japan’s elementary school students, which may result in the late detection of life-threatening illnesses. This is further represented by the low screening rates for cancer in the country which highlights the lack of awareness in preventive care. Beneficiary of the event, Shine On! Kids (SOK), is the non-profit organisation that hopes to use this event to raise the awareness on the importance of early detection and treatment, but also to encourage these true children warriors to ‘Hang in there’ and ‘Keep fighting’.

Nevertheless, Japan’s globally-renowned healthcare system and the medical community continue to work tirelessly in an attempt to provide the best possible prognosis for children with serious illnesses. However, in the area of patient support, Japan still has some work to do. SOK thus provides crucial, evidence-based tools to equip kids and their families to deal with the unbelievable amount of stress, fear, uncertainty and anxiety that can compromise both short-term approach to treatment and long-term psychological recovery.

The first of its kind in Japan, this event will also be raising funds for SOK’s Facility Dog Program, an inaugural initiative in Japan. This is where nurses will be paired with specially-trained therapy dogs to work full-time in a children’s hospital. Together, they seek to improve outcomes and the children’s approach to medical treatment through various animal-assisted interventions.

 “There is always somebody that cares about you. Let’s fight together!” Shiori Miyadera shared with brimming enthusiasm.

Join us in supporting Shiori, and the other international fighters by pledging their journey today! Head on down to their official website at to get your ticket now.