Articles - 2020 - 06

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Threat intelligence and the importance of knowing your ‘attackers’

30 Jun 2020

We welcomed Scott Jarkoff, Director - Strategic Threat Advisory Group APJ and EMEA at Crowdstrike as our valued guest speaker. In Jarkoff’s sharing, he highlighted the importance to ‘know your adversaries’.

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The Future of Networks and Security

30 Jun 2020

Computer Futures held a virtual cybersecurity meet-up the other day. Our valued guest speaker Yosuke Shiraishi, Senior Sales Engineer at Netskope, shared his view on the future of network and security with its main focus on Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and spoke about the rise of SASE and the challenges ahead.

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Future of Cybersecurity and Implications of threats in Japan

30 Jun 2020

Computer Futures held a virtual cybersecurity meet-up welcoming industry experts to discuss COVID-19 attacks, ransomware, the future of network security and implications for companies.

Crisis, Change and Opportunity within IT in Japan

19 Jun 2020

Computer Futures Japan hosted an exclusive by-invite only Chief Information Officer (CIO) virtual round-table, with key industry experts across Healthcare & Pharma, Retail and Manufacturing, and internal guest speakers.

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5 best free websites to learn Python today

03 Jun 2020

Python is a skillset that hiring managers continuously look out for. With insights from our consultants on why Python is an essential skill to have, we introduce 5 free websites that enable you to learn and improve your Python knowledge.