Articles - 2020 - 12

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Are we ready to protect our cars from cyberattacks?

24 Dec 2020

Automotive Security has  become a huge topic in the past couple of years within automobile engineering and cybersecurity sectors.  We had the privilege to have two members from Automotive Security Research Group (ASRG) – a subject matter expert in this field – as our panel of experts.

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Tech Giant vs Tech Start Up – which should you pick?

09 Dec 2020

If you‘re looking to pursue a tech career and finding yourself caught between a tech giant or a tech start up, we are here to support you in overcoming this dilemma.

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All you need to know about Bug Bounty Hunting

02 Dec 2020

Our recent Tokyo Cyber Security Meet Up uncovered the world of bug bounty hunting, bringing together like-minded experts as well as tech enthusiasts who might just be keen on joining the community. Joining us are experts in the field – Justin Gardner (Bug Bounty Hunter), Ruby Nealon (Computer Security Consultant), and Robin Lunde (Penetration Tester, PwC).