Articles - 2021 - 02

Penetration Testing Toolkit for experts and newbies in Japan

12 May 2021

Find our more about the pentesting situation in Japan, as well as useful online tools for pentesting.

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Rise of Contract Recruitment in Japan

25 Feb 2021

With a growing millennial generation and aging population, it is essential for us to consistently evaluate hiring strategies and the working environments that we cultivate. As a result, we find out the impact of the gig economy and why people continue to choose contracts as a career choice.

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Debunking the myths of Contract Hiring in Japan - Employers Edition

17 Feb 2021

In Japan, where the culture of ‘lifetime employment’ remains strong, contract based hiring have always been the secondary form of employments, and thus there is stigma around it. However, are these "myth" actually still relevant today?

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Debunking the myths of Contract Work in Japan - Job-Seekers Edition

17 Feb 2021

Although there are positive prospects in contracting, many Japanese workers are still hesitant to accept contract jobs as many still believe myths of contract jobs. But are they still relevant today?