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How to resign from a job in Japan - step by step guide

05 Apr 2022

In this article, we’ve put together some top tips on the steps you should take before leaving a job, how to write a resignation letter and what to do before you resign from your job.

How to write a Japanese resume 'Rirekisho'? (Template included)

31 Jan 2022

Japan has two types of resume; “Rirekisho (履歴書)” which includes your general information and “Shokumu-keirekisho (職務経歴書)” which describes your work experience in details. This often causes some confusion for foreigners in Japan who are used to writing one resume and CV, so we’ve decided to show you how to write these two types of Japanese resumes and provide you with a template to download so you can get started straight away!


5 Benefits of Working With a Recruitment Agency

01 Sep 2021

Finding your next role through a recruiter has benefits that will help make or break your success in getting the role you want. Here are 5 things in particular that you have to gain by working with Computer Futures.

面接 質問

6 Questions Every Job Candidate Should Ask in Early Interviews

18 Aug 2020

Usually interview coaches put a lot of emphasis on how to answer typical interview questions, but it is just as important to know how and what questions you should be asking in return.


Interview tips to land the best Salesforce Consultant jobs

12 May 2019

Salesforce is a competitive space - if you want to land the BEST Salesforce Consultant jobs, you need to stand out form the crowd. Take a look at our advice to ace your Salesforce Consultant interview!


Top tips to help you prepare for your new job!

06 Feb 2019

Preparing for your new tech job can be hard - our specialist recruitment team put together some top tips to help you get ready for that new IT role!


7 tips for your first day at a new job!

Feb 2019

First days are tough - but Computer Futures are here to help your first day in your tech role go smoothly!


5 useful questions to ask on your first day in a new job

Feb 2019

Your first day in a new job can be tough - our recruitment experts at Computer Futures put together 5 questions that all tech professionals should prepare on their first day!


10 tips for the first 90 days of your new job

Feb 2019

Find out more about 10 tips that help your new job start smoothly