"Cyber security"

How to enter the cyber security industry and where to learn cyber security courses or acquire cyber security certifications?

05 Nov 2021

We will explain the recommended courses within cyber security that you can study in Japan and for those outside of Japan who wish to study cyber security.

Roads with cars running

Are we ready to protect our cars from cyberattacks?

24 Dec 2020

Automotive Security has  become a huge topic in the past couple of years within automobile engineering and cybersecurity sectors.  We had the privilege to have two members from Automotive Security Research Group (ASRG) – a subject matter expert in this field – as our panel of experts.

Improving Cybersecurity in Japan amidst the Current Economic Outlook

01 Oct 2020

Computer Futures run our third Tokyo Cyber Security Meet-up Online with guest speaker, Chris Covert, who has has dedicated 20 years of his career with a primary focus on security.

Cloud Data Security’s “New Normal”

11 Aug 2020

Computer Futures recently organised our second online Tokyo Cyber Security Meet-up, welcoming Doug Neuman. He gave us some interesting insights surrounding the topic, ’Data in the cloud: What you need to successfully migrate and manage your data in the public cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure)’ followed by an engaging Q&A session.


How is Japan embracing the relevance of cyber security?

Apr 2019

Computer Futures partnered with Security Days Tokyo – a major cyber security event attracting close to 12,000 visitors. Computer Futures had a booth at the event and it was very exciting to see the growing interest of many enterprises in cyber security.


How is Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning changing the cyber security landscape in Japan?

02 Jul 2017

How is Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning changing the cyber security landscape in Japan?


How to protect against cyber-attacks report

Jul 2017

We spoke with experts in the Cyber Security industry to discuss how destructive cyber-attacks can be for companies and how you can protect both your company and your customers against them.