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Top 5 skills required for contract managers

05 Apr 2021

Managers have always been expected to have many skills but there are some skills that are particularly required for contract managers. Also, expectations have changed during this time of uncertainty. What are some of the skills contract managers need today?


What hinders organisations from using freelancers and benefiting from it?

30 Mar 2021

We explore some of the concerns that hinder Japanese organisations from using freelancers, together with how they can overcome and benefit from the freelance workforce.

People Waiting For Job Interview

What skills should you look out for an IT freelancer?

24 Mar 2021

We introduce technical skills that are increasing in demand for freelancers, as well as soft skills you should look our for a successful IT freelancers.


Five steps to get started as a freelancer

22 Mar 2021

With many people wanting remote and location-independent work, starting a freelance business has become an attractive prospect for making a living as well. We will share five simple steps on how to get started before you embark on your journey in Japan.

A Man Sitting In Front Of A Desktop Computer

Five benefits to work as an IT/Tech freelancer

05 Mar 2021

We will highlight five key benefits of working as a freelancer, especially within the IT sector.