fintech office

Fintech is a growing industry, but which industries do these talents come from? What are the hottest fintech jobs in Japan?

31 Jan 2022

Fintech is an industry suited for job seekers who thrive in a fast-paced and growing industry. In this article, we'll introduce how the fintech industry has grown in the last year, whether it's possible to move into Fintech from a different industry, which industries most people in Fintech come from, and what the most popular fintech jobs are in Japan.

2021年 まとめ

An overview of 2021 and into 2022: What were the most popular IT jobs in Japan?

20 Jan 2022

As specialists in IT recruitment and support, we have strong relationships with leading companies in the IT industry and those looking for the best IT talent. In this article, we look at our most popular job areas and the most popular (i.e. most applied for) jobs, based on our performance in 2021.