What is FinTech? Who are the FinTech start-ups to look out for?

04 Nov 2021

Whether you’re a graduate looking for a job, or a working professional looking to enter the booming FinTech sector, it’ll be good to know some of the major FinTech start-ups you should keep a lookout for in Japan.


Highlights from Slush Tokyo 2019

Mar 2019

For the third consecutive year, Computer Futures has joined the Slush Tokyo movement – Japan’s largest start-up and technology (tech) conference with over 6,000 attendees, 600 start-ups and 300 media covering more than 70 countries and regions.


Computer Futures Tokyo Bolstering Start-up Tech Focus

May 2017

Global tech recruitment leaders, we partnered with SLUSH Tokyo 2017 as part of an intensifying focus on the Japan start-up community.