Finance x SDGs: What is sustainable finance or "green finance" and what are some of the green FinTech companies to look out for in 2022?

06 Dec 2021

This article provides an overview of the current state of green finance and some examples of leading green FinTech companies as well as the services being used in this area.

What is FinTech? Who are the FinTech start-ups to look out for?

04 Nov 2021

Whether you’re a graduate looking for a job, or a working professional looking to enter the booming FinTech sector, it’ll be good to know some of the major FinTech start-ups you should keep a lookout for in Japan.


How is Japan embracing the relevance of cyber security?

Apr 2019

Computer Futures partnered with Security Days Tokyo – a major cyber security event attracting close to 12,000 visitors. Computer Futures had a booth at the event and it was very exciting to see the growing interest of many enterprises in cyber security.


4 ways AI could impact the future of IT

28 Nov 2018

How will AI affect the role of developers, analysts, or engineers within the space? And could it re-shape the landscape of IT as we know it?


5 ways AI will impact the future workplace

12 Nov 2018

Artificial Intelligence is impacting the workplace across the world. Find out 5 ways that AI is impacting recruitment across the job opportunities coming as a result of automation.


Insights from Tech in Asia Tokyo 2018

Sep 2018

Computer Futures partners with Tech in Asia, one of the largest technology conferences in the region. We share some of the key insights and hiring trends from the event.


Changing Landscape Of Software Development in Japan

Dec 2017

As the software development market is gradually growing in Japan, we’ve produced this report in order to demonstrate the importance of hiring the right people in order to gain a competitive advantage.