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Debunking the myths of Contract Hiring in Japan - Employers Edition

17 Feb 2021

In Japan, where the culture of ‘lifetime employment’ remains strong, contract based hiring have always been the secondary form of employments, and thus there is stigma around it. However, are these "myth" actually still relevant today?

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Debunking the myths of Contract Work in Japan - Job-Seekers Edition

17 Feb 2021

Although there are positive prospects in contracting, many Japanese workers are still hesitant to accept contract jobs as many still believe myths of contract jobs. But are they still relevant today?

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Are we ready to protect our cars from cyberattacks?

24 Dec 2020

Automotive Security has  become a huge topic in the past couple of years within automobile engineering and cybersecurity sectors.  We had the privilege to have two members from Automotive Security Research Group (ASRG) – a subject matter expert in this field – as our panel of experts.

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Tech Giant vs Tech Start Up – which should you pick?

09 Dec 2020

If you‘re looking to pursue a tech career and finding yourself caught between a tech giant or a tech start up, we are here to support you in overcoming this dilemma.

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All you need to know about Bug Bounty Hunting

02 Dec 2020

Our recent Tokyo Cyber Security Meet Up uncovered the world of bug bounty hunting, bringing together like-minded experts as well as tech enthusiasts who might just be keen on joining the community. Joining us are experts in the field – Justin Gardner (Bug Bounty Hunter), Ruby Nealon (Computer Security Consultant), and Robin Lunde (Penetration Tester, PwC).

Digital Forensics and Incident Response in Japan 2020

09 Nov 2020

Given its growing coverage and interest within the cyber space, our Computer Futures team in Tokyo hosted a cyber meet p covering this topic - answering question like ‘why is cyber security so important?’.

Improving Cybersecurity in Japan amidst the Current Economic Outlook

01 Oct 2020

Computer Futures run our third Tokyo Cyber Security Meet-up Online with guest speaker, Chris Covert, who has has dedicated 20 years of his career with a primary focus on security.

Top 5 questions you should prepare for an interview in Fintech

27 Aug 2020

If you are looking to break into this high-growth market in 2020, here are the top interview questions you can prepare to make a memorable impression on hiring managers.


5 reasons to work in Fintech

24 Aug 2020

This article will introduce you to five reasons why you should build a career within the fintech field today.