IT Salary Survey 2022

Our dedicated recruitment teams in Japan have been helping exceptional talent within technology in finding the right job with an attractive salary package and one which they can leverage their skills and experience to make an impact.

In this latest survey, we cover:

  • Key trends for IT sectors in 2021 that can impact 2022
  • Insights from our clients
  • Top positions in demand for key sectors we cover
  • Salary guide for the key positions within the key sectors we cover

If you’re hiring for your organisation, this can give you a better understanding of the latest hiring trends, as well as salary ranges to assist you in a more seamless hiring process.

If you’re a skilled IT professional in Japan, you have the advantage to craft your own career path. This survey can be used to grasp your market value and hopefully help you to achieve some of your career goals.

BI, ビッグデータ&アナリティクス

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