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Computer Futures has built a strong presence in contract recruitment globally since its launch of the business. It has an extremely successful track record which allows us to place one candidate every 38 minutes.

Computer Futures Japan offers contract solutions in three different models. Click below to see more details for each contract model.

Types of contract solutions we offer

Which contract working model suits you the best? Read on to find out how our contract jobs can help reiginite your career.

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Why consider contract employment?

In the Japanese labour market where the legacy of life-time employment remains strong, permanent employment has always been the primary choice for both employers and employees.

However, in a rapidly changing IT industry, what is required to develop innovative businesses are very specific, and sometimes require leading-edge skill-sets rather than a life-time commitment of an employee. While people begin to appreciate more flexible ways of working, contract recruitment solutions can benefit job-seekers especially those who wish to reignite their careers. These benefits include:

  • Certainty that they are able to utilise their IT skills
  • Salary per hour / project is usually much higher than permanent employment
  • More flexible way of working
  • Able to experience various industries and different types of projects
  • Faster turn-around time
  • Ability to work cutting edge projects and acquire new range of up-to-date skills relevant to today’s market

Areas of expertise

  • Project Manager Project Manager
  • Business Analyst Business Analyst
  • Functional Consulting (ERP, CRM) Functional Consulting (ERP, CRM)
  • SME (Cybersecurity, BI & RPA etc.) SME (Cybersecurity, BI & RPA etc.)
  • Infrastructure Engineer (server, network, data center & cloud) Infrastructure Engineer (server, network, data center & cloud)
  • Software Engineer Software Engineer
  • UI/UX Designer UI/UX Designer
  • IT Support, Help Desk IT Support, Help Desk

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