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Computer Futures has built a strong presence in contract recruitment globally since its launch of the business. It has an extremely successful track record which allows us to place one candidate every 38 minutes.

Computer Futures Japan offers contract solutions in three different models. Click below to see more details about each contract model.

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Why consider contract solutions?

In the Japanese labour market where the legacy of life-time employment remains strong, permanent employment has always been the primary choice for both employers and employees.

However, in a rapidly changing IT industry, what is required to develop innovative businesses are very specific, and sometimes require leading-edge skill-sets rather than a life-time commitment of an employee. While people begin to appreciate more flexible ways of working, contract recruitment solutions can benefit hiring companies greatly with these benefits;

  • Able to do spot hiring for ad hoc projects
  • Shorter time to hire
  • Cost-effective resources to acquire specific skill-sets needed
  • Leverage IT contractors’ experience and expertise across various industries
  • Acquire new skills and knowledge by learning from an expert
  • Permanent employees are able to focus on developing other necessary skills such as leadership or management
  • An option to test-out a contractor's skill-set when unsure of permanent candidate's suitability, with an option to convert to perm later

Areas of expertise

  • Project Manager Project Manager
  • Business Analyst Business Analyst
  • Functional Consulting (ERP, CRM) Functional Consulting (ERP, CRM)
  • SME (Cybersecurity, BI & RPA etc.) SME (Cybersecurity, BI & RPA etc.)
  • Infrastructure Engineer (server, network, data center & cloud) Infrastructure Engineer (server, network, data center & cloud)
  • Software Engineer Software Engineer
  • UI/UX Designer UI/UX Designer
  • IT Support, Help Desk IT Support, Help Desk

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