Frontend Engineer (CF-33948328)

Location: Tokyo, Japan    |  Remote Working Available
Salary: ¥6000000 - ¥12000000 per annum + competitive
Job Type: Permanent
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This is a globalized Fintech start up in Japan that provides a securities business platform called BaaS (Brokerage as a Service).

Business contents

  • Design, implementation, and release of Web applications using SPA, MPA, SSR, etc.
  • Design discussions with back-end engineers and API IF design
  • UI/UX design discussions with directors and designers
  • Hearing business requirements from business members

Required Skills

  • -TypeScript/HTML/CSS programming skills
  • ES2020+ knowledge and development experience
  • SPA and SSR development experience using TypeScript frameworks such as React and Vue.js
  • Interest in design and UI/UX (graphic design skills are not required

* Knowledge of the domain of finance is not required

Welcoming Skills

  • Experience in developing large-scale web applications
  • Development experience in web applications using MVVM, MVC, and Flux architectures
  • Experience in operating web applications using Amplify Console
  • Development experience in responsive applications
  • Experience in CSS, component design, and implementation that are easy to maintain
  • Experience in performance tuning

What kind of person are you looking for?

  • Those who have the communication skills to be able to discuss and propose ideas on their own in development
  • Those who can seriously think about what they can do to produce results and put it into action
  • Those who have a sense of responsibility, have conviction in ideas and actions, and can think calmly
  • Those who are hungry to learn new knowledge and can actively challenge cutting-edge technology

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Award winner of:

Great Place to Work 2019 | Growth Company of the Year by TALint Recruitment Awards 2019 | Best IT & Technology Recruitment Company of the Year by Recruitment International Awards 2018

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