The Technology Headquarters is responsible for the entire IT domain. This position is a part of the Enterprise Solution & Service Management Department within the Technology Headquarters, which oversees the development and operation of systems in the areas of Infrastructure & Network, Cloud Services, Enterprise Products, Service Desk, and Security.

As a member of one of the teams in this department, you will join as a Project Manager for business devices and system responsibilities in stores and offices. You will collaborate with the team, the Technology Headquarters, global teams, and partner companies to work towards achieving the team's mission.

[Team Mission]

Maintain and operate IT services reliably and enhance organizational and store productivity through continuous improvement. Tasks include business enhancement, formulation, and execution of medium to long-term plans in line with the service lifecycle and technological evolution.

[Responsibility Areas]

Stores, Offices' Business Devices Specifically, this involves systems and PC devices utilized by end-users in stores and offices, devices such as smartphones, collaboration services like Microsoft 365, master systems, and ID management.


  • Experience in system development/operation or knowledge related to network infrastructure.
  • Native-level Japanese.
  • Reading and writing proficiency in English. *These are required for collaboration with members within the Technology Headquarters, global members, and external partner companies.


  • Experience in device integration management and security implementation using tools like SCCM/MECM and Intune.
  • PMP certification or equivalent qualifications like Basic Information Technology Engineer / Applied Information Technology Engineer would be a plus.

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