System Integration company with ERP software solution, looking for capable consultant who can go client-side and implement software product. Uses newest technology and is a market leader both globally and in Japan. Looking for talented consultants not with just strong backgrounds, but a strong passion for learning with high potential.

In planning and implementing projects for Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO, we will proactively promote from solution planning to customer issues to post-operation support. The ERP implementation consultant position is currently strengthening recruitment in two areas. ・ Supply chain management area (SCM) ・ Accounting, finance, receivables and payables business area (Finance)


■ business knowledge of supply chain management or basic business knowledge, such as ■ accounting / receivables / liabilities and eligibility requirements: 1. Practical experience of ERP implementation (more than 3 years) Experience in conducting business analysis and solution planning for ERP implementation projects in consulting companies / SIer / operating company information systems departments (irrespective of ERP products. SAP and other dynamics are also acceptable) 2 ) . On IT, basic knowledge 3. Communication skills


1.1. Industry knowledge such as manufacturing, social infrastructure, services, and retail . 2. Experience participating in BPR (Business Process Re-engineering) . English ability 4. Participation experience in Global Rollout (overseas expansion)


Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO の企画/導入プロジェクトにおいて、お客様の課題に対するソリューション立案から稼働後のサポートまでをプロアクティブに推進していただきます。 ERP導入コンサルタントポジションでは現在2つの領域での採用を強化しております。 ・サプライチェーンマネジメント領域(SCM) ・会計、財務、債権、債務を業務領域(Finance)


■サプライチェーンマネージメントの業務知識 または ■会計/債権/債務などの基礎的な業務知識 および 資格要件: 1.ERP導入の実務経験(3年以上) コンサルティング企業/SIer/事業会社情報システム部門における、ERP導入プロジェクトでの、ビジネス分析、ソリューション立案の実施経験(ERP製品を問いません。SAPなどDynamics以外も可) 2.ITに関する、基本的な知識 3.コミュニケーション・スキル


1.製造、社会インフラ、サービス、小売りなどの業種知識 2.BPR(Business Process Re-engineering)への参画経験 3.英語力 4.Global Rollout(海外展開)への参画経験

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