Throughout the various stages of the technology product's development and operation, the chosen candidate will carry the mantle of accountability and responsibility, overseeing the following key aspects:

* Collaborating closely with markets and therapeutic areas to gain insights into patient pathways, adherence drivers, barriers, and needs, and iteratively refining the solution to cater to those specific requirements.
* Skillfully eliciting and analyzing business requirements through a combination of interviews, workshops, and meticulous documentation.
* Effectively communicating the visionary outlook to developers and testers, employing a diverse range of techniques such as user stories, process flows, wireframes, and mock-ups.
* Assiduously documenting confirmed business processes and successfully implemented product features, which shall serve as a valuable reference point for development and IT operations support.
* Employing adept business process improvement methods to achieve optimization.
* Diligently crafting and reviewing UAT (User Acceptance Testing) scripts, while actively participating in the testing process when the need arises.
* Providing unwavering support and, as necessary, facilitating system demos through inspect and adapt workshops.
* Offering comprehensive training and guidance to end-users regarding the assimilation of new or updated systems and processes.
* Cultivating and maintaining an in-depth understanding of the external market for the Patient Experience platform, ensuring an unwavering focus on continuous technological evolution that consistently surpasses patient and HCP (Healthcare Providers) expectations.

* Enthusiastic about joining a collaborative team that shapes and delivers delightful products/solutions.
* Utilizes empathy and problem-solving skills to assist users in resolving operational challenges, and proposes enhancements.
* Proficient in communicating effectively with stakeholders at various levels, regardless of technical expertise.
* Skilled in working with legal, security, and compliance teams to ensure compliance with necessary regulations and guidelines.
* Familiar with user experience (UX) design concepts and best practices.
* Possesses deep knowledge of technology portfolio and product management within an Agile framework.
* Preferably experienced in the healthcare and life science business domain.
* Preferred experience with digital experience solutions and implementing platforms such as Salesforce HealthCloud for Case Management or CRM.
* Demonstrates a willingness to challenge the status quo and a passion for continuous improvement and innovation. Open to a hands-on approach in wireframe and prototype development, when needed.
* Proven ability to lead virtual teams and collaborate across different geographic regions while appreciating cultural diversity.
* Keeps up-to-date with technology trends and emerging technologies to understand their potential value in the business and operating environment, including trends, competitors, compliance landscape, and regulatory changes.

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