Redis Expert - International Project

Job Summary

As a Redis expert, you will be working on maintaining the existing service and helping us build of new one into the cloud. Closely engaged with the Redis Clusters, Memcached Clusters and Queues running on top of Redis.

Be aware that the codebase is written in Perl and Puppet, and Infrastructure configuration management is done with Puppet. Moreover, a large bare-metal infrastructure of ~70k servers is distributed in multiple data centres and availability zones.

Key responsibilities:

  • Product teams are using our service to deliver user-facing features
  • High impact on the business if our service gets down
  • Firefight production outages, and do post-mortems
  • Maintain and improve reliability, observability and tooling for our service running currently on bare-metal infrastructure
  • Take part in the architecture and implementation of the new cloud-based services (AWS, OpenStack)
  • Iterate faster and drive long-term cost savings for the business


  • SRE mindset - firefight incidents in production, improving reliability and observability
  • Redis / Redis Clusters - production experience at scale
  • Perl programming experience - maintain and improve on an existing legacy codebase
  • Puppet - maintain and improve existing infrastructure configuration management
  • Infrastructure as code with Terraform

Please note that fully remote/relocation assistance is not possible.

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