Senior Data Analyst - Job Description

As a Senior data analyst, you will be helping the department to make good decisions, give direction to the right conversations and change perception where necessary. You ensure that that data is used efficiently and effectively.

Key responsibilities as a Senior Data Analyst

You take the lead on strategically important topics. You unlock timely, relevant and reliable data for your team and for stakeholders of the advertising domain. You analyze, edit, enrich and model (raw) data. You also develop the right dashboards and reports, with which colleagues can make well-founded decisions.

  • You work closely with stakeholders (Leadership, Product teams, Sales teams, Operations teams) and translate their challenges into an organized roadmap of analytics
  • You set priorities (autonomously), design analyses (which you also perform) and create dashboards (for self-service analysis)
  • You gain extensive domain knowledge, so that you can effectively develop, monitor and monitor advertising business KPIs

Key requirements as a Senior Data Analyst

  • You write high-quality and easily interpretable SQL and Python code, which colleagues can reuse. You can easily make the code scalable (because the data volume is growing steadily)
  • Your days are extremely varied, but at their core, you use Pyspark, Tableau & Hadoop to create metrics, analytics, and predictions that help the business and advertisers make better decisions
  • You inject data-driven insights into decision-making and discussions with a lot of persuasion, into conversations with everyone (ranging from colleague to CEO)
  • You are a full sparring partner for the business and act as the data-driven conscience of the organization
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