Senior Software Engineer

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Salary: competitive
Job Type: Permanent
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Global Multinational present in 150 countries worldwide. Famous for Digital Innovation and their investment into ML and AI.

As a Senior Software developer / Engineer you will both contribute from a hands on perspective and also nurture younger team members.

Main points are

* Work with AAA Clients to decide upon solutions to their unique problems

* Work with Design and Engineering teams to create digital solutions

* Lead groups/ventures

* Establish the best practice guidelines

* Ensure satisfactory conveyance of delivery achievements

* be responsible for conveying programming arrangements meeting quality benchmarks

* Write, test and improve programming modules

* Analyse programming arrangements and improve them to be dependable and adaptable

* Review colleague's submitted code and give them improvement advice

* Collaborate with different groups, convey and resolve group inter-dependencies proactively

We are a fully English speaking team, all coding is done in house and this is not client side work.

* 6+ years experience in coding, ideally someone who knows both legacy languages such as C/C# and more modern ones such as JavaScript/Python/Go

* 2+ years, driving groups/ventures

* Skilled in full stack development

* Basic experience with cloud

* Basic experience with AI or ML

* Conversational English and Japanese, We use mainly English in the office, Japanese skills also required, for very strong candidates we can go with English only

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