Before the pandemic, work from home was considered a privilege for many and was more common for freelancers or nomad workers. However, work from home and hybrid working, which is a mixture of working in the office and working from home, have rapidly become one of the most popular requirements when choosing a job since the start of 2021.

As a specialist in IT and technology recruitment, Computer Futures will introduce some of the more popular work from home jobs in the IT sector, along with some jobs that typically require you to work in the office. In addition, we’ll also introduce some of the top programming languages that you can learn in order to find jobs that allow you to work from home.


Work from home jobs are increasing

Companies in Japan start to adopt work from home or hybrid working options. It was thought to take another decades given a very conservative nature of Japanese work culture, but Covid-19 pandemic pushed this change to happen in just a year. According to a survey conducted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, 64.8% of the companies in Tokyo has adopted work from home options as of June 2021 and this number is the highest ever. This means that there are more jobs which allow you to work from home without compromising your career goals.

Not only employees but also employers has found this shift beneficial for your business. The benefits include increased productivity, reduced commuting times, the stress of coming into work and the ability to make use of commuting times for exercise or childcare. Furthermore, it saves costs as it reduces transportation amongst many others. And most importantly, companies are not restricted in hiring talent within the same city or region. Employers are now able to source for the right talent who may be located elsewhere with remote working options.

In the next segment, we will focus on jobs for engineers in Japan as the nature of the role allows them to work from home more easily than others.


What are some popular work from home jobs for engineers?

Below are some engineering positions that are likely to offer a work from home option.  

  • Web engineer
  • Application engineer (iOS engineer and Android engineer)
  • UI/UX designer
  • Front-end engineer
  • Back-end engineer
  • Data engineer
  • Technical support engineer

The above positions allow individuals to work in a minimal environment, as long as they have a PC and access to the internet. Although these engineers may need to communicate with other members of the development team to confirm requirements and specifications, they spend most of their time working by themselves.

If you are looking for a job as a freelancer (outsource / gyomu itaku), the chances of you working from home are even higher. All you need is to meet your deliverables by the deadline. How or where you work from doesn’t matter at all. However, this is highly dependent on the industry. Banking or financial services related jobs are some of the most typical examples where work from home isn’t an option as their job requires access to highly confidential information.


Other work from home jobs

Apart from the technical engineering jobs mentioned above, there are also many non-technical jobs that can allow you to work from home. Many companies have invested in digital transformation to better manage all data and collected information about their customers. This has allowed sales and marketing activities to become more streamlined. Furthermore, meetings, industry events and networking are likely to remain virtual to a certain extent even after the pandemic settles down. This means that client meetings for instance are likely to also remain virtual. As such, below are some jobs that will also allow you to work from home depending on the industry and employer.  

  • Sales representative
  • Account manager
  • Ad specialist or manager
  • Digital marketing specialist or manager
  • Digital planner
  • Communication specialist or manager
  • Data scientist
  • Project manager


Jobs that are unlikely to move to work from home

There are some jobs that require professionals to be physically in the office to complete their tasks. Below are some examples:  

  • Infrastructure engineer
  • Network engineer
  • Embedded engineer

As the above jobs often have to handle servers and actual IT equipment, they are required to work in the office or factories. Even though some level of flexibility is possible, doing these jobs in a full-remote environment would not be practical.  


Programming languages suitable for work from home jobs in Japan

As it is often easier for engineers or developers to work from home due to the nature of the role, below are some programming languages which we’ve put together to help you understand how you can move into an engineering or development role.

The following languages are often seen as "required skills" in jobs that allow you to work from home. Leaning these programming languages will help you find a job in different types of projects in the future.


PHP is an open-source and general-purpose programming language. It’s commonly used in web development. It’s also said that the language is relatively easy to learn.


Ruby is another language used for web development and is famous for its development method by using the open-source framework called Ruby on Rails. As a language developed in Japan, there are many books and reference sites in Japanese, making it one of the easiest languages to learn for Japanese speakers.


Python is a language used not only for web development, but also for AI (Artificial Intelligence) and data analysis. Despite being rather challenging to learn, Python can largely help boost your future career as this is one of the most promising programming language for any future development.


JavaScript is a language used to construct the UI of web services and applications and is mainly used by front-end engineers. It is also part of frameworks used by back-end engineers as well as front-end engineers. If you have experience with other languages, JavaScript would be relatively easy to learn.

How to find a work from home job in Japan

With an increasing demand for work from home jobs, many job portals including our job search page offer a filter that allows you to focus on the varying job options.

Search for work from home jobs

Feel free to apply for a company even if their main office or function is located outside of Japan, as the new working conditions also mean that most meetings and tasks are organised virtually anyway.

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