In response to a very successful session Computer Futures Tokyo had at Le Wagon’s Coding Bootcamp 2 months ago, Computer Futures was once again invited to speak, inspire and teach a new batch of developers.

If you’ve missed out on our previous session, it was a presentation to introduce the tricks and tips of recruitment within the technology market, relevant for future developers. With interview tips that can land you your dream job, or simply putting together a CV that can attract the attention of recruiters and hiring managers alike, these were all shared during the session Computer Futures held at Le Wagon. To spice it up, Computer Futures Tokyo also made slight changes to their presentation and pumped it up further to make it even more exciting for these future developers.

This is an extremely relevant session for developers who wish to develop their career in Japan as they were now better equipped with a good understanding of their career options and development after completing this Coding Bootcamp. Ashley Baker, one of the speakers from Computer Futures Tokyo mentioned, “This was a great opportunity for us to be able to meet and positively encourage possibly the next captains of this industry.”

Elly Han, another consultant from Computer Futures Tokyo added, "The event was very successful where every member of the audience was fully engaged and was interacting with us for market information and career consulting tips. Meeting with them, hearing about their background and motivation was a great experience for me as it too, motivated me to continue my efforts in developing talents within the market too."

Once again, thank you Le Wagon for this wonderful opportunity and we look forward to the next partnership.

If you are interested to partner with Computer Futures for such events, or if you would like to attend one of these sessions, please email us at [email protected]