Computer Futures has partnered with Tech in Asia for consecutively three years and it has been great to be a sponsor for one of the largest tech conferences in the region. An event to connect the tech startup ecosystem in an offline setting, we are glad to play our part to build and serve Asia’s tech communities.

Tech in Asia Tokyo 2017 opens doors for those interested in entering the Japanese market, and for locals searching for global opportunities. You get to dive headfirst into the latest tech happenings, and uncover untapped opportunities that can help you to stay ahead of the curve.

We got to hear from some of the CEOs from leading tech companies such as AnyPay, Raksul, Freee, Kidsline and many more. You can also get plenty of networking opportunities with Managing Partners of companies such as 500 Startups, Skyland Ventures and Arbor Ventures.

Christopher Reilly, Director of Computer Futures shared, “It is great to be a sponsor for the third year now and we look forward to other similar events that allow us to play our part for the tech community. It was an incredible opportunity for the team to network with start-ups and investors alike, understand how the tech-landscape is evolving in Japan as well as how we can play our part as recruiters in shaping the industry!”

What most of the team liked was the opportunity to hear from both the start-ups as well as the VCs to understand how the digital economy is transforming rapidly.


Strategy for Start-ups

Hear from Hiro Maeda who’s currently a managing partner at Beenext and had previously co-founded Open Network Lab, Japan’s first accelerator program. His investments include Instacart, AnyPerk, and Smart HR. Hiro shares how you can conduct a user interview to grow – the best companies design products and experiences that are “user-first”. We definitely learnt more than a thing or two from him.

There were also strategy workshops on the steps you need to take to open a Japanese branch as well as the important labour laws you need to know (and would otherwise not think of). Other practical topics related to growing start-ups were also presented such as coding workshop, design basics, and effective branding approaches. This has not only given many insightful tips on how one can actually enter the Japan market, but also successfully grow and operate in the region.



Interested in Speed Dating?

This is one of our favourite section from Tech in Asia. It offers the platform that provides start-ups opportunities to pitch to willing investors and get their sound advice on your business model and pitch at the same time. We found that this was a great way to connect start-ups to respective investors as well as for start-ups to get the exposure and insight that they wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to receive.

Some of these investors include Rakuten Ventures, YJ Capital, Incubate Fund, Cyber Agent Ventures and many others!


Tech ecosystem

The tech community is an evolving one. Start-ups are also changing the way corporates think. With conferences such as Tech in Asia, it is a great opportunity for investors to get a glimpse of exhibiting start-ups who may be rising stars. You can even interact with them by experiencing their products live and speak to the brains behind these budding start-ups. It is a great opportunity to meet and mingle with the latest and hottest start-ups and investors alike where you get to play your part in strengthening the ecosystem for the tech space.

Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain technologies, and Fintech are three dominant areas which will be potentially changing the landscape of the tech world.

The event concluded with a closing party that was partnered with WeWork Japan. With the exciting agenda that Tech in Asia had, the Computer Futures Tokyo team had thoroughly enjoyed themselves through the events, networking and with the new people we met.  

If you would like to find out more about Tech in Asia or may be interested in partnering with Computer Futures, please email us at [email protected]

Source: Tech in Asia Tokyo 2017