Wherever you are in your career path, just open to new opportunities if they come along or actively searching for a new role, job searching comes with challenges and stresses. Especially in Japan, not many people are experts on changing jobs as this might be your first attempt to land on a new and better job opportunity. Even though you've read through all the information available, it is far more difficult to obtain an accurate depiction of the culture and structure of the company's workplace. This is where a specialist recruitment agency like Computer Futures working comes in.


Here are a few benefits of working with a specialist recruitment agency in Japan:

1) Access to Unadvertised Jobs

Recruitment agencies have eyes and ears in the IT and tech industry by leveraging our local network. We all appreciate personal reviews and references, therefore, we are here to gather information that others do not have. Our consultants are networking experts and take part in niche and local tech communities at all levels in their mission. In order to offer quality candidates to their clients, we hear of open opportunities before they are advertised online.

For example, when a tech professional hands in resignation to their employer, the company's HR department or hiring manager may start looking for their replacement almost immediately. If you are in a good relationship with a recruitment agency or a trusted recruiter, and you are qualified for this position, you might be the first person to potentially apply to this job even before it becomes open. 

2) Professional Representation

A high-quality recruiter has earned the trust of hiring managers and key stakeholders within the leading tech companies. If you work with the recruiter, and they recommend you to a hiring manager of a top company, it will be a fast-track for you to gain trust from your potential employer.  

When you are presented to a hiring manager through a recruitment consultant, they know how to sell your skills, experience, and potential culture fit to make a case for why you are the right person for their needs. Recruitment consultants' whole job is about getting their candidates hired by companies if they're an optimal fit. When you are recommended by one of our consultants, at minimum your resume will be "placed at the top of the pile" for consideration. Other candidates that do not have this advantage have to compete with a number of applications even before the hiring manager gets to see their name on the resume.

3) Resume Optimisation

There are numerous free resume templates and advice found online. All the tips and recommendations differ by industry, experience level, personal preference, or any other factors. 

Only recruiters know exactly what the employers you are targeting are looking for in a resume to move forward to the next stage of review.

Recruitment consultants at Computer Futures review hundreds of resumes every week. In addition, we communicate with our clients every week too. We know what each employer wants to see and how they want the information presented to them. Rather than spending time on Google to search for "How to write a good resume", partnering with a recruitment agency will offer you honest and constructive feedback on your resume. You will be able to optimise the written version of your first impression with the help of someone who is fully aware of what your target company is looking for. Especially when you know your target companies, there is no reason to exclude an option that gives you more information that leads to your success.  

4) Interview Preparation

We know you're good at interviews and are an perfect fit for a role. But even so, you will benefit from knowing how to present yourself interview process.

After you've impressed your potential employer with your resume and make it to the interview stage, we are here to help you excel the interview by helping your interview preparation. 

It might be obvious, but preparation and research is the key to a successful interview. We will give you advice on what parts of your experience you should focus on, and what is most relevant to the position. We know your competition and can help you stand out amongst the crowd. We know what are good questions for you to ask the interviewer at the end of the interview.  

5) Salary Negotiation

Once you have passed the fist interview, second interview and the following interview, here comes the offer stage. In many cases, this is the time when negations take place for salary, benefits, perks, and more. However, we understand that not everyone favours negotiation. Negotiation is a tough practice since you need to try your best not to be rude or demanding, while you must clearly communicate your future employer about what you want. Therefore, Computer Futures is there to help mediate the discussion for a more successful and smoother process.

Recruitment consultants are highly knowledgeable about market rates for tech professionals, as well as understanding the value of your skills and experience in such a candidate-short market. Recruiters like Computer Futures not only provide the benefit hard information to back up your asking salary, but can present the request to the company in the most professional manner.  


What else can I expect from working with a recruitment agency?

After you have succeeded in your job search and started working, you would be wrong to think that this is the end of your relationship with Computer Futures. Please remember, we might be able to help you again anytime in the future when you need a new member to your team, or when you need some market insights that you do not have. Having a trusted recruiter or recruitment agency will help you navigate your tech career more easily.


Now, are you interested to get in touch with us? Feel free to contact us from the form below. Whatever your needs are, we are here to help.

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