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Looking for a new job can be a stressful and time-consuming process for job seekers. There are many different considerations a job seeker has to take into account – such as the right time to move, the remuneration package to accept, the company with the right culture fit, and even external circumstances such as the pandemic previously or even an upcoming recession. As such, we’ve put together 5 reasons why job seekers should use a recruitment agency for a job change and the benefits that job seekers can get for free, whilst ensuring that the process of job change is stress-free.

Previously, we covered some of the main benefits of working with a recruitment agency which you can find here. In this article, we will touch on the main reasons job seekers have chosen to work with a recruitment agency like Computer Futures over the last few years.



Main reasons job seekers in tech use a recruitment agency

A specialist tech recruitment agency is an expert within IT in Japan  

By choosing an experienced IT recruitment agency, job seekers can work with experienced consultants and tech recruitment agencies with years of experience in the tech industry in Japan. Experienced recruitment consultants understand your needs and challenges, helping you to achieve a smooth and stress-free job change process.

Sectors Computer Futures recruit for include:

  • Software Development
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Consulting
  • Cyber Security
  • Design, Digital & Creative
  • BI, Big Data & Analytics
  • RPA, SCM & Manufacturing Software
  • Healthcare IT
  • Cloud & Infrastructure
  • e-Commerce & Online Services
  • ERP & CRM
  • Salesforce Platform
  • Ad Agency, Entertainment & Media
  • Gaming, Robotics & Consumer Tech


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A recruitment agency has an efficient approach to source and network with some of the best IT and tech companies in the market

Experienced recruitment agencies have a vast database and a wide network of contacts from your tech start-ups to some of the biggest IT and tech companies in Japan. Specialist recruitment agency teams also organise and participate in networking activities, communities, and events in Japan, where you could be connected to a network of IT companies in Japan as well as interviewers and employers that will be good for job seekers to build a connection with. In this way, we’ve successfully matched job seekers with top-class IT companies in Japan that may not have active job advertisements.


A recruitment agency has a good proven track record of helping tech job seekers in Japan

Recruitment agencies understand the challenges specific to each phase of your job search and are able to advise you accordingly – whether it’s to prepare you for your interview, or help you with salary negotiations and more. In fact, a recruitment agency understands the market landscape and is able to fight for the best remuneration packages for you based on your experience and needs. An experienced recruitment agency like Computer Futures assists one job seeker with a successful job change every 38 minutes globally. Below are some of our success stories:


Success Stories

Here are some of what our job seekers say about our services and recruitment consultants: 

'When I first met with the consultant of Computer Futures, I was very impressed by his high level of professionalism with a detailed understanding of the industry and the type of positions in the market. Their high level of communication skills to ensure that my requests were heard smoothly, and their honesty in giving me all the information I needed, not just the information that was convenient for them was impressive. I subsequently had the opportunity to speak with another consultant, who was similarly helpful and made me feel that they had my personal interests and career at heart." – System Engineer


'Not only did they introduce me to suitable vacancies based on my experience, but they also introduced me to positions in industries I hadn't really considered where I could make good use of my skills, which gave me an insight into new career possibilities. – Business Operation Manager


The consultants at Computer Futures are experts in IT recruitment, so I think it is a great advantage to consult with an agent to be able to get suggestions with new perspectives on suitable jobs in the market and increase my career options. They were also timely in the interview process, which made my job search a smooth one." – Sales Manager


A recruitment agency can help job seekers with their job change process for free

Recruitment agencies work in the interests of job seekers as they are often paid by employers to help them recruit for the best talent in the market. As such, job seekers can get access to available tech jobs (both advertised and confidential roles) in Japan and a career consultation to help them with their personal branding and career progression – all at no cost to job seekers.

In addition, a recruitment agency can help you even if you are unsure about the type of role you want to apply for. In fact, there are several steps that job seekers have to take depending on which step of the process you’re in. And regardless of which stage you’re in, a recruitment agency can help:

  1. Identify your preferences and strengths
  2. Research viable career change options based on your preferences and strengths
  3. Analyse your key transferable skills
  4. Prepare your resume
  5. Apply for jobs
  6. Prepare for your interviews
  7. Negotiate your job offer
  8. Prepare for your new job
  9. Resign from your current job gracefully


You can also take a look at our Career Advice page for exclusive insights such as top tips to excel in your interview or 5 questions to ask yourself when searching for a new job. You can also access our CV templates from there too.

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A recruitment agency has a good network that you can take advantage of even if you’re not looking for a job change

Experienced recruitment agencies have a good network and community of tech talent and companies that you can tap onto. By getting in touch with a recruitment agency, you immediately get access to their events and communities that can help you with your career progression, even if you’re not looking for a job change now. You get free resource guides such as networking tips, negotiation techniques on asking for a salary increment, CV templates and many more. If you were interested in knowing what’s happening or who are the latest tech companies in the market to look out for, you can also get insights and market updates for free from recruitment agencies.

If you’ve not used a recruitment agency before, now will be a good time to reach out. Alternatively, if you’ve not worked with Computer Futures before, feel free to give us a try as we’re one of the largest specialist IT recruitment agencies in Japan.

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