Partnership and collaboration

Computer Futures Tokyo partnered Le Wagon for a Coding Bootcamp

Computer Futures Tokyo was invited by Le Wagon to speak, inspire and teach at their Coding Bootcamp last week. Rated amongst the best 3 coding bootcamps in the world according to Coursereport and Switchup, Le Wagon has taught 77 batches of students and imparted a curriculum that one can learn in 2 months (instead of 2 years!)

Computer Futures Tokyo sent 3 of our consultants to speak at the bootcamp, introducing the tricks and tips of the recruitment side within the technology market to these future developers. This included interview tips to land their dream job, putting together a CV that would attract the attention of recruiters and hiring managers alike as well as an open conversation where we opened the floor to any burning questions the students might have.

It was an engaging session where these future developers were educated with a better sense of understanding on their career path and development after completing this coding bootcamp by Le Wagon.

“Thanks again to Le Wagon for helping to make this such a successful evening. We had a fantastic group of new developers who asked very on-point questions as they look to build their careers in the technology industry. It was a pleasure meeting everyone”, mentioned Alexander Jenner, Senior Consultant of Computer Futures Tokyo.

There will be another 2 upcoming sessions on how these future developers can brand themselves as a market leading techie and what is trending within the Japanese market. There will also be an insight on salaries which is often an interesting conversation for many.

Thank you Le Wagon for this fantastic opportunity and we look forward to future partnerships.

If you are interested to find out more about partnering with Computer Futures, please email us at [email protected]