Ruby Programming Language

Java, Java Script, PHP, Python, C+, Go… if you’re a software engineer or developer, you must already have a language (or languages) that you’re familiar with. Each language has its own strength, but what is it that Ruby has as an advantage? In this article, we will introduce top three reasons to learn Ruby and how to learn it, together with the latest hot Ruby jobs available in Japan.


What is Ruby?

Ruby is a programming language commonly used to develop web applications. This language was originally developed by Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto in Japan in 1995 and has now become one of the most common programming languages globally.



Ruby vs Ruby on rails – What’s the difference?

Ruby is the language, whilst Rails is a framework written in Ruby, which provides the default or pre-set structure for end products, such as a database, web service, and web pages. By using this framework, the development process is more streamlined, and adding and improving functions is easier as the code within the framework is consistent.

The development of the Rails framework has been said to have been the catalyst for taking Ruby global and popular as an easy to pick up yet powerful language.


Why choose Ruby as a programming language?

Below is the 3 top reasons why you should start learning Ruby now to upskill yourself and progress your career as a developer.


1. Easy to learn and understand

Ruby is a relatively easy programming language to pick up.  It’s well-structured syntax, which enables developers to write simple code. Ruby is classified as an object-oriented language, which breaks down code pieces into objects that can be created and used as needed. This means that the same objects can be reused in other parts of the programme or other applications, making coding easier and more productive.


2. Quick to develop and use

In addition to the simple and easy-to-learn nature, thanks to the established library of frameworks developers are able to hit the ground running in projects and drastically speed up scratch development. This makes the language popular with companies that value speed to market Airbnb and Shopify.


3. Extremely relevant in Japan

Due to the homegrown nature of Ruby it comes of little surprised that a large swatch of the local start-up scene use this as their In addition to the world’s famous web platforms, such as Airbnb, Bloomberg, and Shopify, there are many popular Japanese-born tech start-ups who have developed their service on Ruby, including Tabelog, Cookpad, Retty, Gunocy and so on.

Ashley Baker, Team Manager at Digital Engineering Division at Computer Futures shares, “As Ruby was originally developed in Japan, it’d be more commonly used locally, compared to other countries. We work with many innovative start-ups and have access to a lot of exciting job opportunities in the Japan tech scene, and have seen how high in demand Ruby is. If you’re interested to carve out a successful career in Japan, acquiring Ruby could surely be an accelerating factor and a great investment to make of your time.”


Top Ruby jobs in Japan

Below are some exciting opportunities that require Ruby skillsets in the tech market in Japan:

  • Web Application Engineer
    • Design and development of API of flea market application
    • 500,000 – 700,000 JPY per month (contract job)


  • Solution Engineer
    • Fintech start-up
    • 10M – 12M per annum (permanent job)


  • Tech Lead
    • Fintech company


  • Backend Engineer
    • Tech start-up in lifestyle services
    • 5M – 9M per annum


  • EC Web Engineer Supervisor
    • Biggest British cosmetic company
    • 6M – 8M per annum

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How to learn Ruby?

If you’re now interested in learning Ruby, here are some free online resources that you can tap onto to unleash your full potential.

This site gives you free interactive Ruby tutorials.

Try Ruby helps you to learn how Ruby works by trying out simple commands. The initial course takes up only 30 minutes and gives you an idea of how it works.

One of the world’s biggest online learning platforms, Udemy provides many free Ruby learning courses, from beginner to advanced levels.

Another huge online learning platform, Coursera also provides Ruby or Ruby on rails courses.


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