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With our recent global research, one key trend is the increasing demand for contract workers especially within the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) industries. While permanent work option is still dominant in Japan, we'd like to understand the changing landscape of talent needs in Japan.

Please take 3 minutes of your time to complete the survey for us to better grasp the trends so that we can offer better services to help you grow your career. We’re also surveying employers and will be sharing these insights with you over the next few months.


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Our services

As a global talent partner specialising in the IT and technology sectors, Computer Futures offers a wide range of recruitment services catering to your specific recruitment needs.

Permanent solutions

As one of the biggest and most established IT-specialised recruiting organisations in Japan, Computer Futures has helped a number of companies find the right IT talent on a permanent basis and assisted a number of specialists to achieve their strategic job change and career progression.

Contract solutions

We offer different types of contract recuritment solutions which can be beneficial to help accelarate the growth of your business and career progression.

  • Haken (dispatched workers)
  • Gyomu Itaku (Outsourcing): Independent contractor model
  • Gyomu Itaku (Outsourcing): Employed contractor model (New!)

Find out more about our new contract solution (Employed contractor model).

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Case Studies

Why our clients and candidates choose to work with us

Candidate who achieved her career goal by taking a contract opportunity

Multiple challenges in her current job – lack of career progression, underpaid, etc.

While working as a permanent employee at a major e-commerce company in Japan as a Data Analyst, this candidate felt that she was underpaid for the work she did especially when she compared with her peers. Her career prospects and promotion path were also unclear. But what she did know – she had a goal to build a successful career as an IT Project Manager and be part of many exciting and cutting-edge IT projects.

Why did you choose to move from permanent to contract employment

When our consultant approached her with an exciting contract opportunity (Analyst role at a Project Management office) at a major electronic company, she decided to take the role to learn more about project management and boost her expertise.

Within two years of experience in a contract role, she successfully picked up many specialist skills relating to project management by taking part in multiple different IT projects. Now, she has a wide array of skills and projects which she can put on her CV, which gave her a credibility boost as an experienced and reliable Project Manager.

Achieving her career goal

The contract experience opened up her career trajectory as a Project Manager and she subsequently clinched a permanent IT Project Manager role at a major foreign insurance company. She worked there for three years, before returning to the electronic company where she used to work as a contractor – but this time, in a permanent role with them as a Project Manager. She was also internally transferred to their branch in the US and currently is part of many other exciting projects.

Company that successfully accelerated their business growth by leveraging contract solutions

What were your company challenges?

A world’s renowned private bank was relatively new in the Japan market and was planning to rapidly grow their business in Japan. They relied on an external consulting firm to run their critical projects including the front-end development of their application to better suit the Japanese market. However, since the projects were initiated remotely, and took some time to communicate with their external consulting partner,  the speed that the business is advancing at was not what they aimed for.

Why did you choose to source tech professionals via contract employment?

Computer Futures was able to source for two very qualified IT specialists who can fill their Senior Developer and Helpdesk Support Manager roles. This included securing the required skills in a much shorter time frame compared to permanent talent, and their ECM (Employed Contractor Model) offering saved a lot of our time and resources as they manage all the onboarding, any related paperwork, insurance and payroll related for the contractors.

Contractors are a good alternative to senior professionals

The contractors came in with the experience and skills needed, and they were able to hit the ground running from day 1. With them physically onsite and are able to take responsibility as a key stakeholder of the project was a true value add to the company.  All of our other permanent employees were happy to get reliable support from them. Our projects now progress smoother and quicker, in a much more cost-efficient way. Our senior managers can also focus on their true work – expanding the business.


Benefits of contract talent solutions

For employers

  • Able to do spot hiring for ad hoc projects
  • Shorter time to hire
  • Cost-effective resources to acquire specific skill-sets needed
  • Leverage IT contractors’ experience and expertise across various industries
  • Acquire new skills and knowledge by learning from an expert
  • Permanent employees are able to focus on developing other necessary skills such as leadership or management
  • Option to try a contractor skill level when unsure of perm candidate suitability, with option to convert to perm later

For job-seekers

  • Certainty that they are able to utilise their IT skills
  • Salary per hour / project is usually much higher than permanent employment
  • More flexible way of working
  • Able to experience various industries and different types of projects
  • Faster turn-around time
  • Ability to work cutting edge projects an acquire new range of up-to-date skills relevant to today’s market


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