By utiling our expertise in hiring and network within the Adtech space in Japan, we are happy to help one of our valued clients Teads to develop their business by establishing the employer brand and finding the right talent. 

Teads is the global media platform, who started their business by developing ‘inRead’ - an in-article placement used specifically for video advertising. Ten years on, Teads has become a full-fledged media technology platform that combines creative support, AI technology, and  premium inventory that is market leading not only in Japan but around the world.

Kenzo Selby, Head of Sales at Teads Japan K.K., shared a story about working with Computer Futures.

The Challenge 

In 2015 (the beginning of our business in Japan), we were struggling to attract good talent because we were unknown. We are a B2B company so introducing Teads as a brand and company wasn’t easy despite being well-recognised by many prestigious publishers and marketers.


Our Approach

To solve this, Tommy suggested we create a guidebook to show what it’s like to work in Teads Japan and why people should join us. We’ve worked together with Computer Futures to increase our brand presence.


The Results

We are now able to hire most of our new talent for sales through Computer Futures. Our priority is to build our business quickly. But at the same time, we’re proud of our premium product and do not want to compromise on the quality of those we hire. To achieve both of our requirements, Computer Futures has been finding the right people for us.



Working With Teads

Join Teads and revolutionise the world of Digital Media

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