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Achieving growth targets with high-quality IT professionals

Priva has partnered with Computer Futures to build a large team of high-quality IT specialists to meet their sustainable projects and growth targets.


Innovation and sustainability go hand in hand with IT

Priva is the global market leader in high-tech greenhouses. The organisation also supplies climate control systems for hospitals, schools, and office buildings. In addition, they provide water treatment systems that are made to use water as economically as possible.

The greenhouses make it possible to grow climate-independent food, and in doing so, Priva contributes to providing more healthy and local food for the growing world population. With its water and climate control systems, Priva strives to always offer the most sustainable solution thanks to its strong focus on energy conservation and efficiency.

The organisation is a trustworthy family business that has been around for over 60 years. From software development to system development, Priva handles the entire chain itself.


Support from a specialist staffing partner

Computer Futures has affiliated companies with highly skilled IT talent for more than 30 years. As a global IT staffing expert, we specialise in niche IT markets and technologies. Every day we help software developers, engineers, and a wide range of IT professionals access job opportunities with top employers.

We combine our global networks, local expertise, and specialist market knowledge to provide first-class IT staffing and employment solutions that help professionals excel and grow businesses.


Challenges due to continued labour market tightness

Priva had ambitious growth plans. Since 3.5 years, however, labour market tightness continues to be a significant problem. This made Priva face a challenge, as keeping vacancies open costs a lot. In the process, growth ambitions would be squeezed.


Making huge strides with the proper knowledge

"At some point, you have to make choices. Do we invest in high-quality, temporary specialists who can help us take our products to market? Or do we wait until we can find the right permanent people?" says Walter Doorduin, of VP Organisation Development at Priva. As an organisation with promising sustainable products, you want to avoid getting bogged down on this.

That's why hiring high-quality interim IT professionals was the solution for Priva. Partly because they needed temporary capacity and partly because Priva wanted to bring its products to market and needed top technical professionals to do so.

So in collaboration with Computer Futures, a team of experts was quickly built up for Priva. At its peak, Priva employed 51 interim specialists. "A big advantage of using these specialists is that you quickly acquire the right knowledge, which allows you to make huge strides as an organisation. Do you succeed in finding the right expert for permanent employment? Then you can scale down again more easily," says Walter Doorduin.


Quickly acquire the right specialists

"Computer Futures helped us find pre-selected specialists quickly and on time. The advantage of this is that Computer Futures has been working with these professionals for some time, so they know what quality these specialists bring. In addition, a careful analysis was made to determine whether the professionals matched with Priva.

This is partly down to complex conditions such as knowledge and skills, but the cultural match and the match with our core values are essential. And that's why I think it's important to work with a permanent staffing partner as much as possible," says Walter Doorduin. 

"If you ask me: would you recommend CF to others? Then my answer is yes, I would! - Walter Doorduin, VP Organisation Development at Priva.

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