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IT consultants have recently been in very high demand, which is not strange. IT departments are increasingly dealing with complex and large projects, so IT consultants are currently in high demand in every sector. Are you interested in a career as an IT consultant? We have gathered all the essential skills and tasks involved in this job. Read on quickly and find out if this suits you!

High need for IT consultants and their skills

An IT consultant is a true all-rounder. They possess the skills and knowledge of technical components and also fulfil an advisory role. For instance, they can recognise faults in IT configurations or networks, suggest measures to solve them and, in the ideal situation, also implement the measures themselves. In short: IT consultants are all-rounders who understand IT practices but also know how to translate the often complex technical background to management and the rest of the organisation so that everyone understands.


An overview of the tasks of an IT consultant

IT consultants have a wide range of tasks. We have highlighted the most common ones for you below:


  • In-depth needs analysis in determining the required software and hardware
  • Development, planning, and implementation of IT concepts
  • Comprehensive advice for customers when introducing new software or IT solutions
  • IT security control
  • Implementation of new software
  • Management of software or network solutions
  • Performance of quality control
  • Continuous evaluation of the IT infrastructure
  • Costing the introduction of IT solutions
  • Coaching and training of employees


Skills that a good IT consultant possesses


As an IT consultant, you are often booked for different projects. This means that your work is very diverse and therefore requires flexibility. In addition, some assignments can last several years. This often applies to digitalisation projects where organisations still need to make giant leaps.


Communication skills

In their daily work, IT consultants need to be able to explain complex issues. Good communication skills are essential for this. In addition, good presentation skills and good rhetoric are also necessary. IT consultants regularly give training to employees. For this, they must have a certain didactic acumen. Mastering several languages, including English, is not a redundant luxury. Nowadays, IT teams often consist of international specialists, where English is the working language. As English is also the language of IT, this should not be a major obstacle for future consultants. Anyone who speaks an additional foreign language has an advantage as an IT consultant, especially in international projects.


High level of expertise

IT consultants are called upon because they usually have significantly more expertise than the internal IT department. It is therefore common for IT consultants to specialise in a particular industry. IT projects are now often so complex and laced with industry-specific requirements that an IT consultant with in-depth industry knowledge can solve the company's problems better than a colleague with very general knowledge.


Excellent IT skills & knowledge of business administration

IT consultants need to know programming languages, and the software and hardware companies use. Next to the technical aspect, they also need to understand the business aspect of an organisation. This allows them to identify specifications for costs or ROI better when setting up IT projects.


How do I become an IT consultant?

Because ‘IT consultant’ is not a set job title, there is also no standard training required for professionals. The unofficial IT consulting standard usually includes computer science, business administration, or business informatics education. But in these subjects, professionals mainly learn the basics of economics or computer science. For specialists, it is important later in their careers to specialise, for instance, through further training as an SAP consultant or Salesforce consultant.


IT skills are also crucial for your CV. Candidates should be proficient in the relevant programming languages such as Java, PHP, or C++ or have in-depth experience with operating systems and the software required for the job.


Salary indication IT consultant

It is impossible to give a fixed number of how much you earn in consulting. Your salary depends on several factors, such as experience level, industry, country/state, company size, or area of responsibility.


As a junior IT consultant, you will earn less than in a senior position. If you advise a large company, the salary will also be higher than in a small or medium-sized company. Regarding the potential salary in a new job, you can find an overview online or ask your recruiter for a realistic estimate. Computer Futures has an up-to-date market overview by which we can give you a salary indication per sector.  


Considering a career as IT consultant?


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