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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Computer Futures, part of Specialist Staffing Group*, brings skilled people together to build the future. As part of the world’s only pure-play STEM staffing agency we play a vital role in bringing people together to solve complex issues with STEM solution.  

One of those complex issues is climate change. We know the role technology can play in building a sustainable future. We have our own target to reduce our carbon emissions by 20% by 2024 as well as working with our community partners, suppliers, colleagues and clients to work together to reduce carbon emissions and build sustainable communities.  

As technology specialist recruiters, we also use our expertise, skills and networks to help people from diverse and underprivileged backgrounds. We have three key programs that are delivering positive outcomes today:  

*Specialist Staffing Group is the US division of SThree plc.

Career Support

We work with community partners to utilize our expertise to support people at risk of unemployment and underemployment. We provide resume and interview coaching, mentoring, skills development opportunities and much more. As a response to COVID-19 we have opened up this support to anyone whose employment has been impacted by the pandemic. If you have been impacted and need some advice on your resume, please SIGN UP HERE.

STEM Career Pathways

We are working to mobilize our network of candidates and clients to support people from diverse backgrounds to access STEM career pathways.

In Washington DC, we are running a program that provides people with tech qualifications, mentoring, career insights and work placements in tech. We are empowering people from underserved communities while building a diverse tech talent pipeline.

Be a mentor – you and your colleagues can volunteer to mentor a student as part of a structured program. Use your expertise to inspire, motivate, and support the development of transferable skills to enhance tech development.

Breaking the Glass

Our program supports women and their allies, promoting diversity and inclusion within the tech workforce.

We work innovative brands in tech to deliver dynamic, impactful interventions that attract, retain and promote more women into tech leadership.

Find out more about our program here.

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