Computer Futures

Supporting communities with UrbanEd

20 Nov 2020

At the start of this year we started a partnership with UrbanEd – a non-profit who support a diverse community of students from low income families – to launch a new initiative that brings skilled people together to build the future the world needs.

Enhancing communities with quality Salesforce recruitment solutions

09 Nov 2020

At Computer Futures, we connect experts in order to transform futures across the world. Take a look at how our project team brought Salesforce solutions to life at the Teacher's College at Columbia University, a leading university so that skilled people could be brought together.

TECH Talks Live What's After the Smartphone [RECAP]

05 Nov 2020

The world is changing quickly and that's especially true of the mobile development world where the demand for goods and services through our mobile apps is increasing significantly. This leads us to ask, 'but what's next?' Sales of smartphones tablets is plateauing and we're seeing the beginning of the next evolution of mobile development. Watch the full discussion about the business opportunities in the mobile development space as well as the consumer products we'll get to experience!

TECH Talks: How to Use Your Network for Career Growth featuring Jennifer Nelson

29 Oct 2020

When looking to grow your career in tech, a key place to start is with what value you provide in the market place. When asked what would be her first advice to those people seeking their first IT job or are struggling right now in their career, given the current state of the world, Jennifer shares three key things to focus on, including skilling up and how to tap your network with confidence and ease.

TECH Talks featuring Chandra Gundlapalli

15 Oct 2020

How do you build a global team while minimizing friction points in ? TECH Talks guest Chandra Gundlapalli, Global VP, who specializes in creating processes that create efficient and effective outcomes.

5 tips for a perfect IT contractor portfolio

13 Oct 2020

There is no uniform definition for the IT professional portfolio. This can be seen as great news, or daunting news because that means every independent IT freelancer, basically, has to find their own way.

How IT contractors can enrich your company

06 Oct 2020

Should you hire external IT talent? There are many advantages to hiring external IT contractors and we've outlined a few main reasons you'll want to consider hiring contractors for your next tech project.

TECH Talks featuring Amanda Osuna Talent Development Leader

01 Oct 2020

What is a 'Courageous Call Out?' TECH Talks guest Amanda Osuna shares how she and her team hold themselves accountable and achieve consistent growth.

Update from Gemma Branney, Head of CSR at Specialist Staffing Group

29 Sep 2020

The bottom line is clear – a strong ESG proposition doesn’t weaken a company’s financial position, it strengthens their return. This data clearly demonstrates that that when CR&S is authentically embedded into the fabric and culture of an organization, that business is more likely to be successful.