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Bearded Bytes: Artificial Intelligence

Computer Futures "Bearded Bytes" team takes a look at the both arguments for and against A.I.


As a race, humanity has always seen intelligence as a desirable factor, something to be sought-after, admired and glorified. We’re heading toward a time where we can actually create the same level of intelligence in something we crafted ourselves, to better our lives and the lives of those around us. How could this be seen as a bad thing?

Why do we need a computer to drive our cars? We absolutely should have the choice to make driving safer, more efficient and open to those who need access to a car, but can’t drive. People make mistakes. They make bad judgement calls. They get road rage. They show off. They fall asleep. Having a layer of A.I. in your car takes away each one of these anomalies and makes driving safer across the board.

A.I.’s are going to be crafted by human hands, and that means we set the limitations. People get a bad perception of what A.I. could be, because of movies where the scenario plays out in some terrible, world-ending cataclysm. Movies about a car driving safely from one place to another would not make for great entertainment.

People have been making the world a better place with their ideas for generations, electricity, telephones and the internet, are all things that at one time seemed inconceivable to us, until someone went ahead and “did”. It’s a no-brainer (see what I did there?) to introduce an additional layer of A.I. wherever possible. We entrust other people with the authority to plan and run our lives, to tell us how much tax to pay, how much healthcare and groceries should cost, and those individuals at the end of it all have their own motivations an agenda. A.I. allows us to trust in something that’s completely unbiased, equal and fair.


A.I. – it should read “All In” not “Artificial Intelligence”. If we keep pursuing progress in this area, we are getting closer and closer to losing control. In simple terms – Why do we need a computer to drive our car for us? Isn’t the fun of owning a car to drive it?

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to make lives easier by understanding our thoughts and desires, but if it were uncontrolled or unleashed fully, the advancements definitely pose a serious threat to our normal lives. If people as smart as Stephen Hawking are busy warning us of the danger, people like you and I need to listen.

Successful business leaders and tech executives continually reference their excitement at the progress we are making, BUT they all seem to use the word “control” at every turn. We must keep control. We shouldn’t lose control. We must tell the computer what to do – not the other way around. To normal folks, that sounds like fear that they themselves are going too far.

With our customers talking about how A.I. will change their working landscape from office workers to field and remote employees, now is the time to take stock. Do we really want Artificial Intelligence to continue outpacing Human Intelligence at this rate? If Hawking can’t keep up with the concept, what hope do the rest of us have?

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