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Managing "Catfish" Candidates in the Salesforce Market

You may be wondering why your applicant pool has been flooded with fabricated resumes and fake candidates lately. There is a growing trend of “catfishing” within the Salesforce community.

The scope of this deceit can range from: a candidate making themselves seem more senior on paper, having other people take their interviews, and can even go as far as showing up on-site to a client project impersonating someone else.

These illegal practices have stemmed from companies refusing to contract professionals without previous US experience, or without participation on long duration projects. Couple the candidate scarcity of the Salesforce market with the fact that a heavy percentage of the available talent are H1B candidates that don’t always meet the preferred US experience requirements, and it is easy to see why the “catfishing” trend began.

In order to combat this, Computer Futures has developed a 4 step accreditation process, where we thoroughly vet candidates before submitting them to our clients. This ensure we are only working with the best “A” level consultants.

Computer Futures Certified Professional - Our Accreditation Process

Telephone Screen

A telephone screen lasts around 30-45 minutes. In this call we cover current work and their last 3 projects, day-to-day activities, business problem each consultant was brought in to solve, outcome of the project, as well as logistics around project (on-site vs. off-site, team size, location, possibility of relocation and rate).


We meet with each candidate, either in person (if feasible) or via Skype if out of state. We typically try to conduct the technical tests via Skype as well.

Technical Test

Depending on the scope of the role, we conduct a Technical Test, with questions formulated by our top Technical Architects, companies we work with, and online forums. Although we refer to this as a “Technical Test” we also question around a consultant’s functional experience, asking competency based questions. And, of course, verifying their Salesforce Certifications.


The references we take are more project based rather than merely a confirmation of employment. It is our chance to understand what managers, peers, and subordinates think of this candidate and where they fit in a team environment.

If you are struggling to find legitimate Salesforce talent, Computer Futures can help. Get in touch today!