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My First Dreamforce Experience as a Marketing Intern

Our Marketing Intern, Ana Lopez Gonzalez, recounts her experience at her first Dreamforce.

Dreamforce? What? For those who are not familiar with this event, it is the largest tech conference in the world tracing back to 2003. Hosted by Salesforce, one of the world’s most innovative companies, Dreamforce is held in the beautiful city of San Francisco. This year taking place from November 6th-9th. The conference consists of four high-energy days of learning, innovation, inspiration and philanthropy. All of it aimed to aid you transform your business and develop your professional and personal career.

Having only worked at Computer Futures for two months, Dreamforce was quite daunting as a first networking event. Thus, preparation was key. Despite the hours of planning, there is so much to do that it is impossible to not miss something. The aim of the conference, specifically for my position was to get involved in the Salesforce community, promote Computer Futures services and learn about the role which Salesforce implementations could play in the improvement of our Marketing strategy and the overall development of the team’s performance.

Soon November 6th was here and without realizing we were immersed in the exciting Trailblazer chaos. A huge part of the conference is to connect with your community of fellow Trailblazers. It is a concentration of people with a relentless willingness to learn and aid in the improvement of not only the tech community but also the rest of society. Another common theme throughout the conference was philanthropy. The conference resembles Marc Benioff’s vision of a business model as an advocacy platform for social aid, gender equality and diversity in the workplace. Adam Grant’s speech named Compassion in Action focusing on the topic of building resilience exemplifies the company’s commitment to giving back to the community. Another activity aligned with the company’s philanthropic character was Alicia Keys and Lenny Kravitz live concerts aimed at raising funding for to UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals. Finally, Salesforce is the creator and full advocator of the 1/1/1 policy model, consisting of 1 % of equity, 1% of employee hours and 1 % of product back to the communities it serves. This integrated philanthropy model has been adopted by more than 700 companies –including heavyweights like Google.

On the technology side, the big news and overriding themes of the conference were Salesforce strategic partnership with Google, the demos of Salesforce’s five new AI-driven features for their existing products: myLightning, mySalesforce, myEinstein, myIoT and myTrailhead and launching of the new Marketing Cloud Products and features. This partnership will bring together Salesforce’s CRM platform with G Suite and enjoy the transformative productivity and team collaboration services, to enable customers to be more productive and work smarter. Also, the introduction of Salesforce Einstein AI technology will further customize your corporate learning platform with myTrailhead,  will enable you engage with customers proactively through sales, service or marketing business processes with myIoT, customize every application, portal, experience to your brand and much more. Finally, Salesforce users will be able to further personalize customer experience across the different channels with Marketing Cloud: email, mobile, social, advertising and web studio.

Last but not least, the aesthetic of the conference was impressive to say the least. The organizers of the conference deserve a lot of credit for how well organized and beautifully branded everything was. Going from the different Trailhead characters, the booths and kiosks designs, the staff uniforms, everything was incredibly detailed and well-produced.

So while I did find the philanthropic and social dimension of the conference gratifying as well as entertaining, the main lesson to take away was the importance of CRM and lead generation software as a vital component of any business development strategy. Suitable for small and large firms, Salesforce integration and marketing automation are indispensable tools if growth is one of your corporate goals. However, the successful integration of these two online tools in a company’s business development strategy will ultimately depend on the guidance this company receives.