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Breaking the Glass Summer Series Wrap Up

The Breaking the Glass communities in Austin, New York City and Washington D.C. enjoyed a summer filled with engaging panel discussions and professional development events.

For those who may be unfamiliar, Breaking the Glass is a professional network which promotes career development for women in tech. It was originally established in Texas by Computer Futures personnel who recognized a growing desire in their local communities for candidates and clients to have a platform for discussing the state of diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. What started as a small series of public forums and networking events run by a committee of volunteers has now grown into a national initiative, fully adopted into Computer Futures’ operating model, with a long-term investment commitment from the company.

Although the network primarily exists to serve the advancement and development of women-identifying professionals in tech, group membership or participation is not exclusive to women. In fact, one of the largest events of the summer was June’s panel event in Austin, titled “Male Allies At Work!” which was moderated by VP of Computer Futures, Danny Cohen, and hosted in partnership with RetailMeNot.

The conversation featured four panelists, all who are considered community influencers and ambassadors of inclusion in their work environments. They shared advice and lessons learned from their own evolution as allies, explored a common vocabulary and toolkit for becoming a better sponsor to female colleagues, and answered questions from some of the 120+ audience members.

RetailMeNot hosted a second Breaking the Glass community event in July, which was also a panel conversation, this time moderated by Mary Chauvin, Breaking the Glass’ Program Manager. The discussion, titled “The Power of No” focused on best practices for professional women when they need to engage in hard conversations or negotiations.

The diverse panel of women were praised for offering detailed perspectives and sharp takeaways on a difficult topic. “This engaging discussion left everyone in the room inspired and ready to seize any opportunity they could,” said one RetailMeNot employee in their personal review of Breaking the Glass programming.

Meanwhile in July, Computer Futures consultants on the East Coast presented the first Breaking the Glass event in New York City, hosted in partnership with Bloomberg. The event, moderated by Krishna Nadella, Head of New Content and Regulatory Sales at Bloomberg LP, featured a panel of prominent tech leaders and Diversity & Inclusion experts, and they discussed ways to foster a culture of inclusion in the workplace. The event was followed by a happy hour with senior business leaders from Fortune 500s and startups in NYC’s tech industry.

Finally in August, Computer Futures’ Washington D.C. consultants hosted a panel discussion on Work Life Balance at Common Securitization Solutions in Bethsada, MD. This program was hosted in partnership with Byte Back DC, and was moderated by Senior Principal Recruitment Consultant, Jacquelyn Vinnedge.

Computer Futures is proud to be the producing sponsor of Breaking the Glass in our continued dedication to close the wage gap by promoting more women in positions of leadership. If you work for a tech company and you want to get more involved with Breaking the Glass or host one of our community panel discussions, contact our program manager, Mary Chauvin at [email protected].