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3 Biggest Concerns We Heard from Salesforce Hiring Managers at Dreamforce

For Computer Futures’ Salesforce recruitment team, Dreamforce is our favorite time of the year. Over 200K people descend on downtown San Francisco for four days of breakout sessions, speakers, and a giant exhibition. As a bonus, we get to meet with our clients and candidates from around the world to discuss all things Salesforce- what could be better?

During this year’s event we had the privilege of hosting our own breakout session in addition to our sponsorship. This afforded us the opportunity to speak with even more individuals in the Salesforce community. When we met with hiring managers, the same three pain points kept coming to the forefront of almost every conversation:

Fake Candidates

Candidate “catfishing” is something we have been witnessing in this space for years. This deceptive practice can range from embellished resumes to interview impersonation. Employers are becoming increasingly frustrated by these bait and switch tactics. Many of the hiring managers we spoke to do not have the in-house experience to test Salesforce skills to weed out the fake candidates. Hiring a catfish, or simply bringing someone on whose experience is not a good match ultimately delays projects, results in a loss of productivity, and adds to costs.

Changing Immigration Regulations

Almost one third of Salesforce Certified Consultants in the US are visa holders – they provide great expertise and fill a genuine gap in the market, particularly the H1-B Program when used effectively. The current political climate and various pending legislations around visas has created uncertainty amongst these consultants. Many are seeking full-time roles over short-term contracts for stability.

There are currently 31 open salesforce developer jobs per available candidate. Employers are concerned that further changes to immigration regulations will put additional stress on a market already facing a talent shortage.

Compliance Issues

The explosion of gig economy over past 5 years has understandably put a spotlight the misclassification of workers and status of independent contractors. Companies such as GrubHub and Uber have faced major legal battles over this issue, causing many hiring manager to tread with caution when it comes to employing contractors. Sometimes they turn to large consultancies that have a monopoly in this space for support. In the process, they lose control over their projects, end up paying significantly higher bill rates, and don’t receive the compliance support they had hoped for.

All of these concerns are linked to an overarching problem in the Salesforce ecosystem-there is a lack of available skilled labor, because the talent pool is simply not growing in cadence with the surging demand. In order to successfully combat this, employers need to be vigilant about trends and current events in the space, or team with a recruitment partner that is tapped into the market and will advocate for their best interests.  

At Computer Futures, we help our customers attract top talent before their competition. We have an extensive network of Salesforce candidates that have been fully vetted through our Accredited Professionals program. In addition to being active members of the Salesforce community, and building long-term relationships with candidates, we utilize the latest marketing automation technologies to expand our reach.

Computer Futures also offers employment solutions to mitigate legal concerns by taking on responsibilities such as payroll and primary employer status. For more information or to schedule your complimentary needs assessment click here.