Our Salesforce Candidate Accreditation Process

Finding skilled Salesforce candidates in a competitive market is one thing, but finding professionals you can really trust is another.

At Computer Futures, our industry-leading accreditation process gives you access to a broad range of skilled professionals who’ve completed a comprehensive screening process and are ready to join your team.

Our Accreditation Process

The growing trend of “catfishing” within the Salesforce community is a problem. Whether you’re looking at implementing Salesforce, upgrading to the most recent version, or expanding your team, Computer Futures are here to make sure you’re only working with skilled, trustworthy candidates.

So, how does our accreditation process work?

1. Telephone Screening

All candidates put forward for your consideration will have gone through an in-depth 30-45 minute telephone screening process. This allows us to learn crucial details about the most recent projects your candidate has been working on.

2. Technical Test

Our technical testing doesn’t just assess your candidate’s technical competence; we’re able to identify key attributes, such as cultural fit, locality, US work status, and of course, verify their Salesforce certifications.

3. Meeting

By meeting with all candidates (either in person, or via Skype), we’re able to further ensure their credibility, and make sure they’re the right match for your team.

4. Reference Checks

Our project-based references are intricate; rather than just offering you a receipt of employment, you’ll be able gain feedback from managers, peers, and subordinates for each candidate.

Thanks to our accreditation process, all candidates are verified by us, and approved by you. By partnering with Computer Futures, you can rest assured that your company will be enhanced by trustworthy, talented Salesforce professionals.

To learn more details about our extensive candidate accreditation process, click the link [here]. By downloading our ‘Spotlight on Salesforce’ document, you’ll also gain access to the latest insights on Salesforce candidates, including the average bill rate for a wealth of Salesforce roles. 

Download 'Spotlight on Salesforce'