Salesforce Community Conferences – what Salesforce event will you go to next?

It’s no secret that as a community we love getting together to chat about all things Salesforce. While we’re all aware of the largest official events, like Dreamforce or World Tour, you might be less familiar with some of the meet ups that haven’t been organized by the team at Salesforce. Across the world there are all sorts of events taking place that give you the opportunity to network with likeminded Salesforce pro’s.

And one of the biggest opportunities to connect with fellow Salesforce stars is by attending the Salesforce community conferences – events set up and run by people like you, for you!
Each of these community events have a diverse focus and are designed for different people across the ecosystem. We decided to take a look at some of the Salesforce community conferences still to take place across the US this year and point out some of our top picks that might not be on your radar. Take a look at our list below and get ready to update your diary!

Florida Dreamin’
Where? Orlando, Florida

When? 12– 13 September

Why? Florida Dreamin’ has a real focus on the importance of Salesforce education. The team behind the event are passionate about providing guidance when it comes to developing a career path in Salesforce. They look at empowering individual Salesforce journeys for every trailblazer. At the event, you’ll be able to listen to inspirational talks from a variety of speakers and also be involved in hands on workshops.

Midwest Dreamin'
Where? Chicago, Illinois

When? 7 – 9 August

Why? Midwest Dreamin’ has been described as a “mini Dreamforce” and has been praised for providing an event that’s geared towards administrators and developers. With numerous sessions taking place over a jam packed few days, there’s so many opportunities for you to learn and network. This year there’ll be a demo jam, in which a series of app vendors will battle it out for an opportunity to showcase their exciting products on the big stage!

Where? Portland, Oregon

When? 31 July – 1 August

Why? Forcelandia focuses on the programmatic side of Salesforce. With learning tracks and various expert speakers, the conference is aimed at experienced developers and advanced admins who want to expand their knowledge – sound like you? This could be the right fit!

WITness Success
Where? Nashville, Tennessee

When? 26-27 July

Why? WITness Success is a Women in Tech (WIT) event focused on the worldwide Salesforce ecosystem. The WIT community was established in 2010 when the inaugural Girly Geeks meetup took place. The event takes the shape of a one-day community led career development event with an allies dinner the night before. The ultimate goal of the event is to equip attendees with the power to excel in their Salesforce career, be role models, and mentor others throughout their Salesforce careers.

We’ve outlined a few events for you, but believe us when we tell you that we’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to the diverse range of Salesforce community conferences on offer. Take a look at this useful calendar to find out about some of the other conferences that have been organized by Salesforce lovers all over the world!

And remember, if you do decide to attend a Salesforce event, it’s important to be prepared – our Salesforce networking tips offer you exclusive advice on how best to make the most of this great opportunity to make career changing connections!